Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav Ayurvedic Doctor Karnal

Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav
Ayurveda Specialist, Karnal

B.A.M.S. Medical Astrology, Varmam Expert

 Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav (SAMAY AYUR CLINIC)  being one of the pioneers in exploring the science of nadi and widening its horizons has always worked towards spreading the science of pulse diagnosis.
 About us

SAMAY AYUR CLINIC situated in Karnal, Haryana is an
institute dedicated to the nadi  vigyan
(pulse diagnosis) headed by  Nadi Vaidya
Ajit Singh Yadav.

CLINIC, we have several  departments of
allied sciences and therapies that support and supplement the nadi pariksha and
upchaar (the pulse diagnosis and treatment).

We have experts in medical astrology, panchkarma, marma,
homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure and other alternate therapies who conduct
and coordinate the treatment and research wing of our institute under Nadi
Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav.

Our ideology We, at SAMAY AYUR CLINIC, believe that
treatment and cure of any person’s disease is best done by balancing his
tridoshas (vata –pitta –kapha). 

By knowing a person’s ‘prakruti’ (constitution
from birth) and ‘vikruti’ (present constitution)treatment of a patient can be
most efficiently done by aiming at balancing his tridoshas (vata-pitta-kapha).

 This we do by what is the ancient and traditional method of treatment in
Ayurveda and being practiced since the older times that is by providing
suitable diet, lifestyle and appropriate herbs for the patient.With the data
base of several thousands of patients, our institute believes and claims that
any person can be treated to 70%-90% just by balancing and sorting out an
appropriate lifestyle and diet for him.

 Scientifically, the
explanation behind this is that as our day and night both are divided into
three phases of vata-pitta-kapha (6am-10am → kapha,10am-2pm → pitta,2pm-6pm →
vata)(6pm-10pm → kapha,10pm-2am → pitta,2am-6am→ vata) 

The food that we have is also divided into vata, pitta and
kapha like,Vata pacifying food like onion, bottle gourd(louki), bitter
gourd(karela), pumpkin, fruits like banana, papaya and mango;

 Pitta pacifying food
like carrot, beans, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, sweet potato, broccoli and
fruits like papaya and coconut;

 Kapha pacifying foods
are peas, cabbage, carrots, methi, garlic. Even the herbs available are
according to vata, pitta and kapha too.

So, drafting balanced and customized diet plan and lifestyle
supported by some herbs is very pivotal in staying healthy. Thus, this becomes
very essential and indispensable that for a person to lead a healthy life he
should have his pulse diagnosed by an authentic and expert nadi vaidya and also
have his diet plan and lifestyle correctly sketched out.

ResearchThe research wing of SAMAY AYUR CLINIC is headed by
Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav along with a team of experts. Our research branch
has several experts in panchkarma, marma, medical astrology, acupuncture,
acupressure and other allied therapies. It also includes several traditional
vedacharyas and Ayurvedic experts. Our institute is working towards establishing
a parallel between Ayurveda, modern sciences and modern clinical technologies.

 In Ayurveda it is
mentioned that the best suited time to diagnose the pulse is between 6am-10am.
But to supplement and to expand the horizons of Ayurveda and nadi our team is
working and carrying out various research programmes in order to provide an
authentic whole day nadi pariksha procedure.

Nadi Vaidya Ajit Singh Yadav, the head of the institute
strongly believes in giving and sharing the knowledge he has. He conducts two courses-

Basic nadi vaidya course

2. Advance nadi vaidya course,

He has even slated his
experiences and knowledge in form of several books in context of Ayurveda,
nadi, meditation and spiritualism.


  • Ayurveda

  • Yoga & Meditation


A nadi vaidya is a person who just by mere touch of the nadi of the patient by his fingers is able to diagnose and analyse the condition of health and disease in the body and mind of the patient. Nadi pariksha is thus not a magical art form instead it’s a science and a nadi vaidya is a scientist who is expert of this science.

Our diet, lifestyle and thoughts affect even the minute to minutest parts of our body. This effect then circulates along with blood in our vessels. At certain specific spots in our body this circulating information in the form of special waves can be read. In present times, through nadi besides knowing the status of vata pitta kapha and other Ayurvedic diagnosis several other modern allopathic diagnosis can be drawn like increase in cholesterol, increased serum uric acid, etc.


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Samay Ayur Clinic, Karnal

Samay Ayur Clinic, Karnal

18 LIC Colony, Kunjpura Road, Karnal, Haryana - 132001

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