Top 7 Most Effective Natural Antibiotics (Herbs)

Natural Antibiotics

Using antibiotics available in chemist shops is an easy solution to stave off several types of bacterial ailments and infections. But, using those medications may not be useful in some situations. You may instead use herb and natural extract based antibiotic solutions to combat numerous bacterial and viral contaminations. These are safer in nature and most of them are used in your kitchen as well. These herbs can be used both in internal and external ways. From mixing with foods to applying with carrier agents, these herbs can be deployed to combat infections in many ways. Some of them can be applied on the skin as well. However, to be on the safe side and evade hassles, you may consult the topic with a doctor before using such herbs and natural solutions. You should know the right ways to use them and check for allergy and drug interactions before resorting to these stuff.

It is hard to find a person who has not been affected by bacterial infection sometimes in his or her life. The most common response for most people is resorting to antibiotic medications when such ailments affect them. While you may find relief after using powerful pharmaceutical antibiotics, you can do little about newer strains of bacteria that become resistant to those medications. Besides, some of these medications often leave residue in your body which may lead to side effects or toxicity. A better alternative is using Natural Antibiotics. Thankfully, these are herbs and natural extracts that are found mostly in your kitchen and do not cost much as such.

The Best Home Alternative Medicines for Treating Bacterial Infections

Using the natural herbs to cope with viral and antibacterial infections and ailments is always advisable. These herbs not only work well, you will not be exposed to side effects in most cases. Besides, usage of these Antibacterial herbs gives you several additional health benefits.

Below Listed are Some Such Natural and Herbal Extracts for Antibacterial Infections:

1.Aloe vera:

aloe vera, Natural Antibiotics

This herb has been used by people in various countries to treat various infections and skin disorders. It is also effective in treating scalp infections caused by bacteria. It is one of the powerful and proven Natural Antibiotics you can use. There are many ways you can use aloe vera to treat skin related and other infections. You can buy aloe vera gel or use the plant at the garden to make a fresh gel. This can be applied to the affected skin area to treat an infection. Drinking aloe vera juice also helps your body stave off bacterial infection better.

2.Grapefruit Seed Extract:

Do not confuse this with grape seed extract. It has anti-microbial property and can be used both in external and internal ways to cope with several bacterial contaminations. It is available in the market in capsule or liquid from. This Natural Antibiotics in liquid form offers more benefits, as it is. However, you should dilute it before using on the skin directly to evade skin irritation. You can take the capsule daily or as directed by a doctor. This can also be used to eliminate acne. The diluted grape seed extract can also be used to decongest blocked nose or as a mouthwash. You can also use the diluted solution to disinfect produce before cooking.


Turmeric, Natural Antibiotics

This is one common kitchen spice, but the herb is also among powerful Natural Antibiotics. You can use organic turmeric roots to make the paste at home. This works well in controlling inflammation in the body. Of course, using turmeric powder to cook various dishes is another option and actually that is easier to adopt.

4.Tea Tree Oil:

This essential oil has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and hence is used as Natural antibiotics for infections. However, you should first mix it with any carrier oil before applying on the skin or else skin burning can occur. You may use a dropper or cotton tissue to apply the oil mixture on the skin.

Oregano Oil:

You may not have used it much, but this plant extract is among powerful Natural Antibiotics. The fact that 40 types of oregano plants exist can make things a bit tedious for you. Two types, Thymus capitatus and Origanum vulgare are said to be very effective for fighting viral and bacterial ailments. Quality oregano oil is dark yellow in hue. It should be diluted with olive oil before applying on the skin for any infection. You may also drop a small amount of oil in the bathtub.

5.Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Antibiotic

Ensure you choose the variety to which no perfume or preservative has been added. This oil can also be mixed with other plant oils and can be applied to the skin to fight microbial infections. Apart from treating lots of skin infections this serves as Natural Antibiotics and nourishes skin well.

Healing Foods That Serve as Antibacterial Agents

There are some specific herbs and plant extracts that are used mostly internally by people to cope with viral and bacterial infections. So, they serve as healing foods to fight bacteria and viruses. These are:


Garlic, Natural Antibiotic

This is used to cook many meat and fish dishes, though vegetarian dishes are also cooked with garlic. This herb has a pungent smell and proven antibacterial properties. You can chew garlic cloves but if the smell proves too strong, try consuming garlic capsules daily. Among Natural Antibiotics garlic is considered the best. You may also use garlic to make soups, broths etc.


Along with in taking Herbal antibiotics, you can also rely on probiotic foods and beverages to fight bacterial infections. Probiotic dairy products and especially yogurt are good for such needs.

Summing it up

Using the various Natural Antibiotics can be helpful to fight bacterial ailments and they can be better than typical antibiotics. However, ensure you do not use herbs or oils you are allergic to. People with sensitive skin types have to act more carefully. You also need to check out facts for scopes of such ingredients interacting with any medication you take before starting its usage. can help you find Best Naturopathy Specialists to assist you in using Natural antibiotics in your daily life.