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Dr.A.P. Aparna
Homeopathy Doctor, Hyderabad

BHMS,(CCH), ICR(mumbai)trained;M.Sc(Psychology)

Dr.A.P. Aparna is a consultant Homeopath specialist associated with Sree Homeo Care,  Hyderabad. She is specialized in allergies and child disorders.
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Sree Homeo Care, Hyderabad

Sree Homeo Care, Hyderabad

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Achievements & Contributions

  • In treating Chronic ailments, Psychiatric disturbances
  • Got Appreciation for my voluntary service @Sri Sharadha mutt of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt@Chennai.& Its my best reward I feel ever to serve there.
  • Given Few articles in Health magazines.


For Healthy life by allmeans,, The basic measures that v should follow r... regular exercises, like  Yoga, Meditation, Aerobics, brisk walking, going to Gym,Sports, etc any kind of physical exertion should b in ur daily life activity.
Regarding Food, dont go for any junkfood, Fast food, Freezed, canned,packaged food,.Always take fresh, Home made,If u cant take Home made bcoz of Job, Place, etc, Try to add  Healthy Food  like Fruit juices,Raw vegetables, Fruits, salads,Sprouts in ur Diet. Avoid Cld drinks, especially aerated, Black.
Diet should b Oilless r minimum oilwith.Salt to b in less quantity.
dont go for baked items, n avoid cooking food in micro woven.
Try to take WATER @least 3-4 litrs in a day... but not From Refrigerator.
Avoid Sedentary life..be a part of some activity.But if u r an Employee, n u dont hav option, then Try to schedule urself for the vigorous activity @ur convenience.Always remember.... if u cant allot time for active movements,, later u may feel repentance abt the sedentary life forever.
Always focus on Good...Think +ve.
If  hav habit of Smoking, Drinking Alcohol,Chewing Pan, r any other addictions, try to reduce Quantity n frequency wise, gradually.
Dont go for Medications for small things  also, unless it bothers u much. Try to get relief by home remedies r Avoiding the things that causes u, n by taking rest.
If U follow  the above all Tips,i ensure U vl b free from many diseases forever.

How to prevent Hair fall:
Now a days Hair fall is more prevalent...Due to many reasons... like Change in Food intake, Habits, Addictions, Environment, water pollution,increased Stress,Chemicals used in shampoos, Harmonal Imabalance, Cosmotics,Therapies,Increased Medication for various Diseases,decreased Immunity levels .. all r the major reasons  for hair fall.
In general Hair fall used to b more in postdelivery period, any Acute Illness like Typhoid,Hereditary. ButIn those cnditions, again people used to get back their original volume{more r ess same}of Hair. but now a days, this is not happening. 
Premature  greying of Hair also became more common now a days.
 Hair fall medically terminated as Alopecia. based on the location, its  again differentiated by Varioos names.
Dandruff also plays important role in Hair thinning.. again this Dandruff is due to May b pollution, uasage of different shampoos, Skin texture, water change, Stress,Unhygeinic conditions, Some r may b  due to origin of  Skin diseases.
 How to take care of Hair:First of all ,its most important to take care f Our daily Food intake.It should b More proteinaceious, In veg, u can take more wheat, Soya, Millets, Milk etc, where as in Non.veg, Egg, Fish plays important Role.Always refer to take Home made, Fresh food. Add Raw vegetables, Fruits, fruit juices in ur diet chart.
Try to avoid hair therapies whivh contain more chemical usage, like coloring,straightening like changing from its  original texture, Dyeing,Combing in wet condition, usage Hair dryers,Using Different cosmotics from diifferent brands for the purpose ofkeeping the hair in conditioning,etc... all will help to prevent the hair fall to major extent.
Try to apply any Herbal Hair oilin like warm state , massage for15- 20 min,Keepit for Minimum 1-2 hrs before head bath. use always soft water for head bath.Let it b dried naturally.
Shampoo also should b herbal, vth low Ph,, mild.Dont apply Shampoo directly on scalp,first wet the hair n then just mix with water n the apply over the scalp.
See that all shampoo should leave ur hair by using plenty of water.
Ultimately Well nutritional Food, Good sleep, stress free life, Physical n mental balance/fitness, Healthy Habits matters alot.
Applying Mehandi, Henna, Amla, Hibiscus, Brahmi leaves, soaked Fenugreek seeds paste vth Curd, alovera juice, vl help to reduce hair fall by strengthening the hair roots.
In Homeopathy, Medicines like Arnica, Weisbadan, Jaborandi, Acid Phos, Lyco, Natrum mur, Sepia etc all vl help majorly only when symptomatically n individually choosen.

Homoeo for PCOD:
PCOD meansPoly Cystic Ovarian Disease. Now adays it is becoming more prominent in Girls/women. In this , Amenorrhoea, r less no. of periods, r menses vth irregular flow, scanty flow r heavy flow may happen. Its basically related to Harmonal imbalance.Disfunctioning ofEndocrine system shows the disturbed menstrual cycles. even wt icrease, Excessve, unwanted hair growth{Hirsutism} also r the signs of this C/o.
Usuallynow a days , most of the Female r suffering from this c/o.from which the above all symptoms r being experienced.The sever pain menses also one significant symptom. This ultimately may lead to Infertility, which shows strong imapct on an woman mentally, socially.People who r suffering from this c/o vl go for T/t.. which vl b nothing but Harmonal supplements{like Birth pills etc], Medicines to reduce Android levels{which is  increased in this c/o}, again,which causes them to get their period normally, but aslong as on these pills, they vl b alright, but whenever they discontinue, the c/o vl b back immediately vth same r more severity.
Moreover , they suffer from other adverses effects also like irritability, Lack of interest in Sex, Dry Vagina,depression, gaining wt,General weakness,Hair fall etc.
Surgically also its not permanent..as there r 90 percent chances them to get again.
Some times PCOD usually vl b ascociated by other Harmonal Imbalances like Hypothyroid,Diabetes{Type-2},etc.
The diet they r taking like junk food, Environmental factors, Hereditary, Lack of physical activity, Stress etc all r Exciting factors for people who r prone to get.So, in such conditions, even without tendency also, the basic measures to b taken as precautionary are Strict maintaining wt as per their Ht, avoiding fatty, Junk, high carbohydrates in Diet. Always spare some time for Physical activity, Following Yoga, Mediataion which vl help in balancing Mental Quiteness.
In Homeopathy, There is surely Good T/t for PCO's without any aggressive effects.
But The doctor need to have good skills in Analysing the patient as a whole.
Homeopathic medicines like Calcarea Carb, Natrum Mur, Sepia, Lyco, Kali.carb, Thuja, Medorrhinum,Sulphur, etc all vl try to cure Patient, when the spcfc remedy was chosen as per Clear Indications/individual symptoms.
In Homeopathy, for getting treated, patient,s co-operation for describing their C/o,Regular Follow-up, vth Proper feedback, Patience are very important.

Tanning usually happens in Summer, But now a days, bcoz of Global warming, even in other seasons  also, many people r getting this problem.This sun burn, Tanning is more common in eastern countries than western due to geographical pattern.If we come to Indians,people have more melanonin pigment than western people, thats why the Complexion also. Actually the melanonin pigment is helpful for people from sun heat, where the more melanonin pigment,s secretion leads people to get protected from sun Heat, But people become darker due to the change of complexion.Its for good sake in earlier days, but now a days due to more pollution,various harmful gases leakage from vehicles,factories,deforesting etc all r causing damage to Ozone layer, so that more realses of UV rays, direct exposure from that,{both UVA n UVB]all r causing averse effcets on skin like not only tanning, but also Sun burn, rash, pimples, papules, various skin dissorders, Evn skin cancer also.
thats why, we r in condition to take few precautioanry measures from direct exposure to Sun.
avoiding the mid day outing{specially after 11am-3pm]when the sun heat is more;covering exposed parts vth masks, scarfs, cloth, using Umbrella,applying herbal sunscreen lotions,, washing immediately after coming back to ur home vth mild gentle soap,Applying any face packs like multhani mitti, sandal, tomatoe, pudhina paste vth lemon juice, alovera juice,Keera etc..
Taking plenty of water also keeps skin healthier.Try to consume more fresh raw vegetables, Fruits r fruit juices.
Avoid stress, late night sleeping. 
Homeopathically, medicines like Belladonna, Apis, China, Arsenic alb, Rhus.tox, cantharis,Tuberculinum, Bacillinum,Glonine, Natrum mur, Sepia, Gelsemium etc all vl help to reduce the tanning , as per indications if were prescribed.

Thyroid  problem & Homeopathy:

Thyroid is an Endocrinal Gland that secrets Thyroid Harmones which balances the Metabolism.When the secretions altered, the depending on the lower r Higher levels, there will be Either HYPO Thyriodism r Hyper Thyroidism.In Hyperthyroidism, there  will be symptoms like loss of  Wt, thinning, Anxiety, increased Heart beat{Palpitation},Tremors, Puffiness  around Eyes,Excessive Sweat, Moon Face,Enlargement of External throat(Enlarged Glandular swelling called as GOITRE) in severe condition,Stare look, Mentally confusion, Dlirium etc are  the main significant  Symptoms of Hyper thyroidism.

In Hypothyroidism, symptoms r quite altered.. like here ther will be More Gain in wt, Dyspnoea, Dryness of Skin,increased sensitivity to Weather changes, mostly Intolerance of Cold,Irritability, mood swings, Disinterested  in work, sleepy, Weakness etc r the Symptoms for Hypothyroidism.

But Hairloss, Unwanted  hair Growth, Irregular periods, Delay in Menarche,Miscarriages,  or Infertility, are common in both C/o.

The reasons for Thyroid Disturbances are , Excessive r less consumption of Iodine  in Diet, Excessive Intake may b either because of other mediacations, which indirectly contains more iodine contenr or, induces Gland for more  harmonal secretions,Harmonal Imbalance because of lack of co-ordination b/w Hypothalamus, Pitutary gland{which is another endocrinal gland, which indirectly controls the Thyroid},Excessive smoking,any  Viral illness,Chronic Dissorders, Any other medications, Improper intake of Diet, Hereditary, genetical anomalies are the main reasons for this Irregularity.

Mostly it is common in women, the age of menopause,  @ the age /after of Menarche or in pregnancy time,  due to the natural harmonal imbalance.If its physiological, it will be normal automatically after some times, but if its related to any other pathology, then there should be medication help needed, based on various checkups, like blood test, USG etc.

 Some times, it could b suspected in the neonatal , childhood  period also, based on the symptoms Mental retardation, Stunted growth, Obesity, Amenorrhoea or early puberty,Lower IQ etc. Then also, we can go for Thyroid profile test along with other Growth harmonal Checkup , to explore the diagnosis.

Right Time Diagnosis, Regular Medical Checkup,Proper T/t will help to get cured gradually.

But If ignored,neglected,then the C/o will lead to other comlications, even cancer also.

In Homeopathy,Medicines like Thyroidinum, Iodum, Bromium, Calcarea carb, Calc. Iod, Lyco, Nux.vom, Nat. mur, sepia, Lapis alba etc all will help in balancing the harmonal secretion, if taken according to their symptom similarity, individualbasis, as per Expert’s Guidance.


Acne are the most stress creating & Threatening factor for Teenagers.Even Adults also starts worrying, think more abt getting relief from this problem.Its all because of the ugly look that gives & spoils the texture, glow of the face due to scarring,roughness those leave to end. Acne may be in the form of just eruptions like[pimples],white heads or black heads,pustular[ with pus] sometimes may be Boils like,itching with, which causes irritation, that intends the sufferers to pinch[knowingly or unknowingly],that may  lead to secondary infection…these all r the main adverse effects caused from  Acne.

Acne are mostly due to Hereditary, Harmonal changes{in Puberty},Pollution,Unhealthy habits, Junk&fat food, Few skin dissorders,Scalp psoriasis, Dandruff, Excessive usage of cosmotics,Few types of chemical exposures bcoz of their profession,Stress, Lack of Proper diet&sleep,Any  other medications ,significantly corticosteroids for any other diseases they have been suffering from;etc..

In above causative factors,few  can be avoidable…by avoiding  those related &Taking precautions, we can be out of problem.For remaining , we may need to take medication accordingly.

If we take healthy nutritious  diet,fresh fruit juices, raw vegetables taking plenty of water[minimum3-4 lits/day][which help in cleaning the blood],Avoiding sugar, sugar made, fatty, Junk,preserved food, Practicing Meditation.. which keeps our mind relaxed,Usage of unnecessary medications, creams without knowledge,frequent washing of face with cold, soft water{few times with mild,gentle soap},etc r precautionary measures that can be taken.

For acne, applying pudhina paste with lemon juice,neem leaves paste with turmeric, Sandal paste with milk creams,vinegar wash,alovera paste ,multhani mitti ,scrubbing with Bengal gram flour  with turmeric,thulasi with lemon or neem leaves paste etc are the few steps that help to cure.

Homoepathically, remedies like Sulphur, Thuja, Arsenic album, Pulsatilla, Kali.brom, kali.sulph,Hepar sulph, silicea,Antim crude, Belladonna etc work well when were prescribed by a qualified expert,according to symtoms  similarity.

               Dandruff  is mostly due to the excessive Dryness or Oiliness that caused by increased secretion of sebum,Sweat .This may be in the form of Dry,whitish or yellowish flakes, powdery.Sometimes, skin c/o like Scalp psoriasis, scalp Eczema, Seborrhoeic dermatitis or Boils which cases exfoliation of skin layer after getting dried up are also could be thought of just Dandruff. Generally, in many types of skin diseases, there usually will be  common symtoms  like Itching, Irritation, dryness, or secretion of pus/ any other serous fluids,redness,exfoliation of skin, spreading[if caused by any bacteria, fungus]etc.Like that way, in  dandruff also, there would be dryness, itching, irritation,based on severity, secondaries like formation of Acne[pimples] also may happen.

                As  precautionary measures, Always using the herbal shampoos[like conaining  Shikakai, Amla,Reetha , Hibiscus flowers, Brahmi,etc ]is good.At the same time,using  Oils like coconut, Sesame, Oilve,Maize are good to keehair roots stronger& to maintain Scalp smooth.That application also should always be in gentle manner. Better to apply just 1-2 hrs before the headwash.Try to wash hair weekly minimum 2-3 times, that too with softwater,Avoid Hard water.

              Coconut milk,or water,Rice starch,Yoghurt with methi[soaked fenu greek seeds paste], vinegar with water, alovera will help to keep hair in good condition aswellas to nourish the Scalp skin.

             Diet also plays important role in keeping scalp healthy. So that, taking more water[minimum 3-4 ltrs of water intake/day],taking of more raw vegetables, fresh fruit juices[with Honey mixed or with less sugar] or fruits as a whole, increasing the intake of more proteinaceous diet,whole wheat, whole grains,pulses, hand pounded rice, food that is rich in Vit A, E, B complex,& reducing the consumption  of Sugar, Fat,canned,preserved food,junk food,etc  followed by regular exercise, yoga, meditation which helps in keeping the mind stress free,will help in controlling  aswellas  precautionary.

             Always  Better avoiding  more chemical based Shampoos, conditioners, few cosmotic  therapies like clouring, dying, straightening  etc as these will result  damaging  gradually the hair aswellas the scalp texture.

Homeopathycally, these conditions can be treated well, if u  undergo T/t for  a while. Medicines like, Calcarea carb, Graphitis, Lyco, China, Acid Flour,Acid phos,Phos, psorinum, Amm.Mur, Alumina,Sepia, Natrum mur,Thuja,Sulphur,etc will help, if were chosen according to individual’s symptom  similarity.

Note: If once  its diagnosed as its not general dandruff, but due to any other Skin c/o,as mentioned above, Then, T/t should be taken accordingly under Expert’s  guidance.


Allergies in general & Homeopathy:

Allergy is the term we can use for anything which reacts adversely causing various types of symptoms which are not common. The things which cause allergy are called as Allergens.Those may be in the form of Food[milk, chocolates, sea food, cold items like ice creams, citrus.. like lemonades,ghee made, few nuts, shells,Fish…etc], Season,Environment, weather,Animals/Fur,ticks n mites,Metals,Chemicals, Drugs,Dust, Pollution,Soaps, Detergents, Fragrances, Perfumes, Pollen etc….

All these may not be  causative factor for one person who is already a sufferer.It varies from person to person.The people who are allergic to certain things in any form may not be allergic to other things,& the Allergens  which create any problem in  one may not show any effect on the other.It  all depends purely on individual sensitivity, Immunity levels.In few, Genetic, hereditary factors also plays important role.

Basically, when a person becomes allergic to certain thing, there will be production of antibodies into the body as a general defence mechanism.But  then the reaction b/w the allergens & antibodies will cause increased  release of Histamine product which results in causing various symptoms.. like sneezings, watery discharge from Nose,Redness of Eyes, irritation, Itching of Nose n eyes,..these all called as Rhinitis. But when skin becomes the sufferer like form developing  Rash,[Urticaria]Redness,small eruptions, any discoloration etc, with itching, burning, irritation like, then it comes under Dermatitis[may be contact dermatitis].

Majority of allergies start from childhood, as then their immunity levels will be comparatively less.{But it doesnot mean that adults wont get… it all depends on Immunity, susceptibility of the individuals, which will be resulted by their Life style, any other health problems,stress factors etc].

If care was taken in initial stages, then in majoriy of cases, there will be no more further progress or c/o.s

First we have to observe the causative factors from which we are getting the c/o.If it can be avoidable, better to avoid; if cant, then,its  ideal to go for T/t.

As prevention is better than Cure,Keep children distant from Pets,Fur toys, maintaining  good hygiene, avoiding unnecessary medication for small small c/o also,application of different creams,Giving nutritious food,[food containing Vit C, B, A] physical exercises, {for infants… breast feeding for minimum 6-9 months will rise up their immunity levels] all will help them to be free from allergies.Practising the Pranayama, [breathing excercises] will give tremondous results in relieving the rhinitis c/o.

If allergies are neglected in initial condition, then they may progress into Sinusitis, Asthma, Eczema,anaphylactic shock etc.

Frequent usage  of  antihistamines gradually will decrease the effect of medicine & increase the resistance power of the allergens.Moreover, by the use of antihistamine, patient will feel more drowsy, dull,irritable, even more anxious also some times. If once the action of antihistamine diminished, then there will be no other choise except taking steroids, which will show many more side effects on long run of usage.

In Homeopathy, As Cure always based on the selection of symptoms, analysis of a person, there will not be any side effects.

Drugs like Arsenic album, Nux.vomica, Calcarea carb, Tuberculinum, Carcinosin, Phosphorus, Rhus.Tox, Bell,Apis, Bromium, Lyssin, Hepar sulph, Nitric acid, Gelsemium,Silicea,Pulsatilla,..etc will help in giving Cure from various allergies.

Note:But always the drug & potency should be under guidance of Expert only.

Atopic Dermatitis:

It is an acute skin allergy, usually seen in  children, Neonates,which is caused by the lower immunity levels,Usage of some medications by mothet when she was pregnant,due to some genetic factors also may lead t this condition.In Atopic dermatitis, usually skin becomes red, irritated, with severe itching, often wet in acute conditions, but Dry in sub acute or chronic conditions.Here, in this c/o, Rash, small eruptions, etc all mostly will occur in creases of neck, ankles,shoulders, groins,buttocks, etc.Babies usually will become more irritated, cry due to the inconvenience caused due to these all symptoms. 

If neglected, it may lead to Eczema, where the problem will become more problematic.Children who suffered from A.dermatitis in their childhood, have the chances of developing  Bronchial Asthma & other allergies also.So better to take care for getting cure in initial conditions  itself.

The precautions that should be taken for these babies are, avoiding  Swimming, where more chlorine will be mixed in water;maintaining Hygeine, giving bath twice , Using  gentle, mild soap, always keep the skin moist by application of any coconut oil, Olive oil or Moisturiser.Better not to use  any Dettol type of liquids for cleaning purpose.As they already develop allergy to certain things, Observe carefully, the allergens from what they are getting irritated,sothat those things can be avoided.Avoid the contact of Pets, Fur &using Mosquito repellent liquids, sprays.

See that food  should contain vit. A, B,C, & Zinc elemnts in their food.Give plenty of water.Use brown rice, fresh Raw veg& fruits juices,.

Homoeopathically, medicines like Graphitis, Hepar Sulph,Sepia,Sulphur, Nux.vom,Psorinum,Mezerium,calc.sulph,R.T, etc are helpful according to symptoms basis & mother’s health condition during her pregnancy, etc.

Asthma is nothing but difficulty in breathing due to various reasons.Here the air passages will be narrower n causes patient feel more suffocated, hard to take normal breathing, with excessive sweating, restlessness, Oppression of chest,Deathly feeing.. all these depends on the Chronicity, severity of Asthma. First the acute attacks may lead to chronic with increased intensity,long duration.. some times the patient may die to the severity of symptoms like gasping .

It may be Cardiac in origin[where it is a bit critical, complicated], n mostly Lungs realted[Bronchial].. usually, we see the Br. Asthmatics only in general, in early ages, etc.. Here In Bronchial Asthma, the origin may be due to the allergy of patient to certain food like sea food, cold things,Fish, pea nuts,egg, fragrance, perfumes, dust, pollution, chemical exposure n intake,Pollen etc. Stress also  may act like triggering factor for Asthma. Harmonal  imbalance in certain ages, Mostly hereditary also plays important  role.Initially people who used to get allergic rhinitis,Atopic Dermatitis, Skin allergies from all above causes  will gradually develop into Asthma, If, were not taken proper care.

Here in Homeopathy, taking  T/t in initial conditions like in Allergy stages itself.. will definitely help inpreventing from getting Asthma.Even after Asthma developed also, depending on other causative factors, then also It can be treatable with Homeopathy .

Few Homeopathy remedies that will work effectively  for Br. Asthma are natrum sulph, where the patient suffers  asthma from cold weather, cold things, damp, wet weather. In he same way, Arsenic  album{asthmatic attacks will be more @ r after 12-1am/pm, Antim. Tart, Carbo.veg[where  the atient needs  more ventilation, there will be gasping for air.. air hunger], sambuccus,Kali.carb[when the asthmatic attacks are more @ 3am,, Ipecauc,Blatta orientalis[in mother tincture from], Kali.bich,, Nux. Vomica[when c/o is associated with gastric c/o].. like this though the c/o is known as same, but based on symptoms accordingly, the drugs should be chosen.

Avoiding the aggravating factors will help preventing  suffering a lot. But when those are not all avoidable, then starting the T/t early will help thepatient definitely, when they give picture of their suffering  properly  to an Expert.


Taking minimum5-6 Fenugreek seeds[soaked] regularlyin morning,with empty stomach will keep diabetes away & helps in preventing premature greying of hair.

For any injury, bleeding,bruises, lacerated wounds, head injuries, Taking Arnica 200 & belladonna 200 will help great dor healing aswellas for avoiding the further c/o cominng fromthe injuries.. like clot formation,tumor formation etc.
Taking Ledumpal, Hypericum are just like TT in allopathy, in preventing Tetanus from injuries, pricks by nails, sharp objects,etc.

Menopausal stage is one of the crucial period  for every woman, which can be expected usually b/w 48-52 yrs, with slight variations of years, either  earlier or late.There are  two stages.. pre& post menopausal treated as Syndromes.In  pre-Menopausal syndrome, usually, women will get menses irregularly, either delayed or very early, may be prolonged also some times or scanty.During this stage only , because of fluctuations in Hormones, they  develop Irritability, Mood swings, Depression, Nervousness, Anxiety, fears, Phobias, disinterest for work/Sex, Laziness,Hypothyroid,Hot flushes, Cramps etc.In general, all these with a slight difference in a period, will come to normalcy gradually after getting Menopause. But in some cases, these will be carried further, with more or less intensity even after Menopause also… along with those pre-menopausal problems, Weight  gain also plays an important  role. These all due to the stoppage of oestrogen hormone, which indirectly shows the effect on other related hormonal secretions. The  decrease in Libido also due to the dryness in vagina. Due to  the general decrease in Calcium absorption in this period,[Pre& post], women are more susceptible to develop the diseases related to Bones/ Its…. Like knee pains, Osteo arthritis, Osteo porosis. So in general, especially  in this period women are advised by many Doctors to take an additional supplement of Calcium+D vitamin to avoid the risk.Usually, in this period only they have more chances to develop Hypertension, Diabetes also[In case, if any  Hereditary is different]

If in case, any bleeding or secretions from vagina with different colour or smell, after long gap of Menopausal period, Then its ideal to consult any Gynaecologist for check up, to avoid Risk factors like Carcinoma, Tumors, etc.

In general, as usual, like for any other C/o, Following some extra precautions like taking  Nutritious, Healthy diet,Avoiding spicy, unhealthy, junk food, Doing regular activities, exercises, Yoga, Pranayamas, If needed extra supplements like Calcium etc, getting engaged in some occupation, developing n implementing Hobbies n enjoying those,  all will definitely help reducing the  above-mentioned risks.

Regular Check up also help as precautionary. But with the fear of Disease, n Death, taking Excessive medication for small  issues also will do more harm than Good.

Homeopathy will do better Help in  giving relief from all above mentioned  c/o, related to menopause if was given on the basis of symptoms similarity.

Because Homeopathy is a system which is based on the individual characteristics, personality, Mentality, their reaction/physically n mentally to various circumstances…That’s why,patient  need to give all information abt their C/o,as well as their nature in general to get benefitted well by this System.

Here are few remedies I am mentioning  which can be helpful in Menopausal syndrome[based on those particular indications]:-

Argentum Nitricum, Amyl nitrosum, Arsenic album, Belladonna, Lyco, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Calcarea,Kali carb,Aurum met, Nitric acid, Silicea, Staphysagria, Pulsatilla, Natrum mur, Sepia, Sulphur etc…..