• Ayurveda Consultant

    Health Centre, University of Pune , Pune


  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga & Meditation



  • BAMS

Practice Information

Achievements & Contributions

  • Presently working in the area of Autism, Liver disorders & Cancer
  •  Recipient of Hinduja Scholarship International Educators Award  Ayurveda Bharati
  • Ayurveda in Hepatic encephalopathy (liver condition)javascript:nicTemp();
  • Dr. Mahesh is co-author of a book and CD-ROM called Aahar, The Scientific Diet. His forthcoming publication is Ayurved for Beginners.
  • He has recently published a Case Report on Ayurvedic Treatment on Liver Disorder (Hepatic Encephalopathy).
  • Honorary Consultant to Health Centre, University of Pune
  • He is a Founder Member of the Foundation for Education and Research in Ayurveda and Traditional Systems of Medicine, whose mission aims to encompass education and clinical research, plus offering improved, low-cost Ayurveda services in rural areas


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