Homeopathy for Infertility

What is the one happening in anyone’s life that gives them immense joy, happiness and a sense of achievement? More than our academic achievements and professional success, nothing measures up to the joy of becoming parents. Everyone of us out there wants to be a parent at some time in life. However, for some of us the dream of having our kids is put on the back burner or is not fulfilled and realized due to infertility in either of the partners. There are many alternatives to infertility today, like adoption, in vitro-fertilization, surrogacy, but many of us would like to experience the parenthood from day 1.

What are The Options Available?

While many have been seeking allopathic treatment, Homeopathy for infertility treatment is also being used in a big way. Homeopathy aims to restore the balance in the body and ensure that any other reasons that can be causative of the infertility problem are also treated. Homeopathic doctors will ask a patient for details of their medical history, what all medical problems they have or suffer from, lifestyle, daily routine, sleep patterns, work schedules and hobbies or extra-curricular activities.

The Homeopathy Way

Homeopathy aims to treat both partners for any kind of:

  • Emotional troubles that could cause pregnancy failures and infertility
  • Issues and problems related to Stress that could cause infertility
  • Any side effects of any other medication the partners have undergone which could be causing infertility

Homeopathic Remedies for Men and Women

While much like any other form of medicine, it is important to consult a doctor before treatment, one can try these simple procedures at home. If you are at any time, even a little concerned or discomforted, please ensure you contact your homeopathic doctor for details and guidance.

1. Remedies for infertility in men in Homeopathy

  • Impotence can be treated by consumption of Medorrhium
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated with and through the use of Lycopodium
  • Men can have sepia 6C for treatment of reduced or less sex drive

2. Remedies for infertility in women in Homeopathy

  • Recommended use of Agnuscastus to control levels of follicle stimulating hormone in women
  • Treatment of irregular ovulation or absence of ovulation through Sepia 6C
  • For women who have had previous miscarriages can be put on Sabina 6C
  • Infertility for which root cause is established as stress can be treated with the use of phosphorus medicines
  • The recommended usage of Aurum to improve sexual drive
  • If a woman suffers from vagina dryness or tender abdomen, one can be asked to take a daily dose of Lycopodium

Some precautions when one is taking the medicines

Like with any other medicine or treatment there are a few precautions one must always take when taking the above said medicines or undergoing the treatment
  • Avoid anything that one feels a very strong taste of or is highly likely to react to with sensory organs. For example, coffee, garlic, onion, ginger, or mint
  • Avoid drinking and consumption of alcohol and smoking at all times to ensure that the medicines work
  • Ensure you take the medicine in recommended dosage at the specified time as per prescription or as suggested by your doctor.
  • Avoid any experiments on your own with the homeopathic medicine to avoid any adverse effects.

Given above are a few ways to treat infertility and it is important to understand that these should be taken in consultation and as per guidance of a certified professional only. Any kind of self-medication could worsen the situation for anyone of us. So, if you have exhausted all your treatment options, feel free to contact a homeopathic specialist to get things back on track and fulfill your dream of becoming a parent, very soon.

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