Naturopathic Doctors in India

Naturopathic Doctors in India believe that naturopathy is truly a way of life and that natural healing has its roots in the fact that ‘our body possesses the innate power to heal itself’. You can avail best Naturopathy therapy from one of the best naturopathy doctors in India, carefully designed and implemented to address the root cause of any ailment or disease.

Naturopathic Treatment in India has been evolved in combination with Yoga, into a powerful drugless regimen to especially cure lifestyle diseases like diabetes, arthritis, hyper tension, respiratory diseases, abdominal disorders, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, thyroid disorder, anxiety neurosis, obesity etc in an effective way. Its approach is holistic, with equal emphasis on prevention, cure and imparting knowledge about health.

Naturopathic Doctors in India offer a combination of traditional therapies, herbal remedies and healthy habits.

Your search for Naturopathic doctors in India has found 446 practitioners from which you can research and choose the best doctor based on your disease or condition. After research, you can directly call the number in the call for appointment section for scheduling an appointment. We hope you will find the best naturopathic doctor for your treatment. If you need personal guidance to find the right naturopath in India, submit the form on the right hand side or submit a query using our ask a doctor/therapist service and we will be more than happy to assist you.

If you are a certified Naturopath, please register as a Naturopathy Doctor in India for free or send us an email to with complete details.

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Dr Praful Gaikwad Naturopathic Doctor in Others
  • Others
  • 7 Years Experience

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Mr. Ramakant Devrukhkar Acupuncture Doctor in Mumbai
  • Mumbai
  • 8 Hospitals
  • 1 Recommendation

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Dr. Akhilesh Agrawal Yoga Teacher in Delhi
  • Delhi
  • 16 Years Experience
  • 3 Hospitals

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Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery Naturopathic Doctor in Kochi
  • Kochi
  • 4 Hospitals
  • 2 Recommendations

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Dr. Jitendra Arya Naturopathic Doctor in Pune
  • Pune
  • 1 Hospital

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Mr. Mukesh Patel Naturopathic Doctor in Ahmedabad

B.Sc, ND (Naturopathy)

  • Ahmedabad
  • 35 Years Experience
  • 1 Hospital

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Dr. Desh Bandhu Bajpai Ayurvedic Doctor in Kanpur

BAMS [Ayurvedacharya], B.M.S. MD, Ph.D, MICR, Diplom-Homoeo [Germany]

  • Kanpur
  • 52 Years Experience
  • 1 Hospital

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan Ayurvedic Doctor in Chandigarh

BAMS, MD, Dip in yoga and Naturopathy

  • Chandigarh
  • 1 Hospital

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Dr.B. Bapuji Naturopathic Doctor in Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad
  • 1 Hospital

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Dr. Nitin Patil Naturopathic Doctor in Kolhapur
  • Kolhapur
  • 1 Hospital

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