Homeopathy for Weightloss


Increasing waistlines and increasing weight along with obesity is one of the biggest epidemic of modern times and a side effect of our modern lifestyle. Thanks to our sedentary work styles and lack of physical activity, more and more people are putting on weight way beyond the healthy weight of their bodies. With excess fat deposition happening under the bodies, the problem is one that is afflicting many youngsters today. With easy access to food, long working hours, reduced physical activity and lack of exercise on a daily basis is at the root cause of the problem in general. Sometimes, however weight can be attributed to an underlying medical problem or some side effects of another medication.

What Can Cause Obesity?

Before the doctor or your homeopathic treatment can begin, the root cause of weight gain has to be established by the treating consult. The weight gain and obesity can be either due to:

1. Excessive and overeating, intake of more calories than the ones that are being burned

2. Due to lack of metabolism in the body or reduced metabolic levels, which are a result of reduced physical activity

3. Genetic problems or health induced obesity like in cases of diabetic patients, insulin pushes the weight up

What are The Options Available to a Person Suffering from Obesity?

While one solution to the problem might be the fact that the person increase levels of physical activity and reduce the consumption of calories. Along with, it becomes important to follow and start the medication:-

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, confectionery items, fried food and ice creams and associated high sweet milk products
  • Have water to the level of 7-10 glasses every day
  • Avoid saturated fat foods on a daily basis from your diet

Homeopathic Medicines for an Overweight Person

    • Phytolacca berry to avoid gaining weight, reduce weight and use for corpulence
    • Use of medicine with Phytoline as a fat reducing medicine, and the doctor would recommend if the patient has excessive sweating, nausea, dyspnea
    • If the weight gain is a result of excessive medication doctor might recommend the use of thyroidinum to treat the problem of excessive obesity.
    • udies have also revealed that the use of the recommended dosage of Fucus Vesiculosus 6C helps to reduce the weight of the body by facilitating and increase the speed of fat tissues in the body
    • Use of Medicine of Phytolacca mother tincture to increase and improve the metabolic rate of the body to burn up more calories and aid in reducing body weight or Lycopodium
    • If a person feels lazy and sluggish, doctors would recommend Calcarea carb
    • If a person is overweight due to excessive diet and a large appetite, eating more at meals and during snack time, doctors would recommend the usage of graphites
    • If a person is unable to control eating and overindulges in food, a doctor might recommend a regular dose of Nux Vomica
    • Some patients with obesity report a weak heart and are recommended by the doctor to take ammonium carb to reduce the weight without the person having to put a stress on his/her heart
    • In some cases, the doctor might feel that the weight is wrongly distributed to fat and should instead be muscle weight, in such a case doctor might recommend the person to consume calotropis gigantea.
    • If a person is established to be gaining weight due to improper functioning of the liver, a doctor might recommend the use of Carlsbad to set the things in order and restore body balance

These are some of the medicines for homeopathic weight loss, however a doctor would be the best person to guide on speedy weight loss with correct and proper dosage.