Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Amla juice for weight loss

Indian gooseberry, more popularly known as Amla, is a fruit that is known for its varied uses and multiple health benefits. This fruit has been consumed since the ancient ages and there have been records of its multifarious uses and benefits. This fruit can be consumed in several forms – prickles, jams, raw, chutneys, murrabas and so on. Amla juice is a rich source for vitamin C and several other nutrients which account for it being such a renowned Ayurvedic medicine.

Drinking amla juice daily can work wonders for your skin, hair, body and immunity. People who are on a weight loss programme always include amla juice in their diet for its calorie burning ability and being a fat cutter. Some of the reasons for selecting amla juice as a weight loss are enumerated below:

Amla for Weight Loss

Researchers and doctors have come up with the conclusion that Amla is one such fruit that supports protein metabolism. One of the basic reasons for a person turning obese is poor metabolism. Drinking a glass of amla juice each day can enhance and boost the metabolic process of your body, which aids in faster weight loss process.

Our lives have become highly dependent on junk foods and unhealthy items. These lead to toxin accumulations over the years in different parts of the body. The metabolic process is slowed down with the accumulation of toxins inside the intestine and thwarting digestion in a large way. Amla contains compounds that enable in flushing out toxins from the body that slow down metabolism and boost the digestive process.

Amla, therefore, becomes a major dietary item for people who are on a weight loss programme.

How to use Amla for Weight Loss Purpose

  • For keeping the sugar level in the normal level you can try out having Amla juice with bitter gourd. Diabetes patients have the issue and problem of faster weight gain due to the heightened blood sugar levels. This also generates hunger which causes the concerned person to eat more leading to greater fat accumulation. This juice will help to control the blood sugar level.
  • Many doctors and dieticians prescribe intaking gooseberry or Amla – either in juice form or fruit form – every morning in the empty stomach. This boosts the metabolic process which leads to proper breakdown and assimilation of food. This is an important way to check the accumulation of fat in the body.
  • Amla juice can also be used as a preservative in prickles. Along with the addition of spices and other herbs, this can serve as an excellent digestive recipe too along with metabolic boosts.
  • Since, a weight loss programme involves a lot of exercise and physical activities, tiredness can seep in very fast. A glass of Amla juice has the potential to energize you and keep you from being tired. It shall keep you fit for the rest of the day.

Calorific Value

This small wonder fruit that helps in combating myriad health problems including hair loss and acne, constitutes mostly water. Also rich in anti oxidants that aid in weight loss goals, this fruit is also rich in both carbs and fibre making it the perfect aid in fighting weight issues. 100 gm of this fruit equates to just 60 calories and 0.09g of fat, and hence you need not worry about consumption of this fruit when trying to shed those pounds.

Amla Juice Recipe

Preparing is not a difficult exercise and anybody can make it. It requires raw gooseberries, honey (optional), salt and spices (of your choice).

For making a glass of Amla juice, steam the gooseberries (or use them raw) and put them in a mixer blender. Blend until a thick froth is produced. Sieve it and extract the juice out of it. Add salt to this. Since, amla is bitterly sour, you can add a spoon of honey to it. Also, for additional taste, spices can be added. Serve it chilled for better taste.

Amla juice, therefore, should be a prime agent for those who are on a weight loss programme. It shall add nutrients to your body and shed off the few extra calories.

Apart from being a great weight loss remedy the amla also has profound health benefits. It is only when you begin to consume this wonder fruit that you will see a remarkable change in your general health and well being.