Amla Juice for Weight Loss - Benefits, Recipe, Reviews

Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Sometimes, people do not even realize they need to resort to nature for getting rid of several ailments and health hazards. Obesity is a major health hazard that you will be able to combat better by resorting to specific types of natural extracts and herbs. Amla, which is known as Indian Gooseberry, is one such fruit. Known for into diverse range of nutrients, amla has been used by practitioners of ancient ayurveda in India and other countries for several centuries. The good thing is that you can use Amla for combating excess body flab. It can be consumed in many ways but drinking amla juice could be the easiest option for obese individuals.

How in Taking Amla Juice Helps You Lose Weight

There are a lot of reasons for which you should drink amla juice for losing excess body weight. Read on to find out the major benefits of amla juice for weight loss:

Gives a Boost to General Metabolism:

It is common knowledge that to lose weight quickly, your body’s natural metabolism needs to be at the peak level. Obesity accelerates when the body’s metabolism process does not work at desired level. However, you can aid in boosting metabolism in body by in taking amla juice. It aids in digestion process in human body as well.

Boosts Protein Synthesis:

when you drink amla juice, it helps enhance synthesis of protein in body. Enhanced protein synthesis ensures more energy being made available. So, the food you eat do not get stored in body in form of fat easily.

Detoxes the Body:

To lose excess weight, detoxifying the body properly is important. The toxins when get stored in body lead to build up of fatty tissue and layers. Drinking amla juice helps the body to eradicate the toxins better. It also works as good laxative, which help in eliminating toxins from the body.

Boosts Energy Levels:

Amla has rejuvenating properties and so in taking the juice helps in enhancing body’s energy levels. This is helpful when you work out to lose weight. More energy levels mean you can exercise without getting drained out soon. This has a positive impact eventually as far as getting in shape is concerned.

Helps in Reducing Hunger Pangs:

Sometimes, you may find losing weight tough for hunger pangs that set in often and make you gorge on snacks or unhealthy foods. However, drinking amla juice helps keeping you full for long. If you have it before meals, you will not feel like overeating- which is good for combating weight loss.

Other Health Benefits of Amla

Of course, you get other health benefits by in taking amla in any form, including juice. It has a lot of vitamin C and so offers anti inflammatory and anti bacterial benefits. Eating amla will help keep skin and hair in good shape. Its juice is healthy and by in taking it you can stay away from a number of infections affecting immune system.

Way to Make Amla Juice for Consumption

If you have been thinking about how to make amla juice for weight loss, relax. It is pretty easy to do. You can nowadays buy amla from market nearly all over the year, though the main season is from December to April. It is better that you make amla juice at home rather than buying juice from shops. This will ensure you will get to drink natural amla juice minus any preservative or artificial stuffs mixed in.

You need to take fresh and clean amla fruits and take out seeds after cutting into small pieces. Pour some water in blender and add the cut fruit pieces. Make a thick juice by running the blender at full speed for a few minutes. You may benefit by using a sieve to separate pulp and juice. This juice can be kept in fridge for up to 2 weeks. To make it ready to store for longer, mix a small amount of sodium lactate powder in it.

Consuming Amla in Other Ways

If you do not have access to a blender to make amla juice, do not be disheartened. You can still intake the fruit in other ways and obtain same weight loss benefits. Below listed are the alternative ways to follow when you are unsure how to drink amla juice for weight loss.

  • You may soak a few amla in water overnight and then crush the fruits in morning with the soaked water. Strain the juice using sieves and drink it.
  • If you can put up with the sour taste, you may try chew a ripe fruit a day.
  • You may also dry the fruits in sun and make dust by grinding it until fine powder is formed. This can be mixed with water to make juice. You may also buy dry amla powder in market.

Tasty Amla Juice Recipes and Variations

If you are weary of the natural sourness of amla juice but still want to intake it to combat weight gain, there are workarounds. Try these variations of amla juice that are more appealing to taste buds while offering you same health benefits.

  • Rejuvenating amla juice- You will need juice of 3 large amla, lemon juice, crushed ginger and a dash of honey. Blend everything in a blender with a dash of salt and serve with ice cubes.
  • Honey amla juice- This is ideal if you want to sweeten the sour taste. You will need 4 chopped amlas, a spoon of honey, salt, ice and water. Mix everything in a blender till the juice is made. Strain and serve with ice on top.

Where it all Leads To?

In taking amla juice or eating the fruit can be helpful for losing excess weight. But you just cannot depend solely on it to lose weight. Working out in a regular manner and giving up sedentary lifestyle are also required for success in this regard.