Ayurveda Treatment For Excessive Sleep

Excessive sleep or oversleeping is a health condition that needs treatment like less sleeping or insomnia. In medical terms, we generally call oversleeping hypersomnia. Although the condition is serious and implicates many other underlying health conditions there are varied allopathic medicines and Ayurveda treatment for excessive sleep.

What Is Excessive Sleep?

As far as sleeping is concerned can one have too much time for it? Is it safe to sleep excessively? Well, the answer is no. Although having a good sleep at night is the basis for good health, oversleeping or excessive sleeping isn’t. Studies have found that oversleeping is in fact, a sign or symptom of some underlying condition that can be serious or non-serious. Oversleeping is linked to an array of health conditions including heart diseases, diabetes, and augmented risks of death.

Studies apart from these have also pinpointed other reasons-socioeconomic status and depression.

How Much Sleep Is Too Much?

The quantity of sleep one needs varies vastly over the tenure of a lifetime. It relies on one's age and activity level besides lifestyle habits and general health. For example, during times of illness or stress, one may feel to sleep more.

Although sleep requirements differ with time and from human to human, doctors usually suggest that adults must have something around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Causes Of Excessive Sleep

For persons suffering from hypersomnia, oversleeping is a medical concern. The condition leads people to suffer from high sleepiness all through the day, which isn’t normally relieved by mere napping. It even causes such persons to sleep for strangely long periods at night. Many persons suffering from hypersomnia go through symptoms of anxiety, memory problems, and low energy as a consequence of their virtually constant necessity for sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea, a kind of disorder that leads people to stop breathing for a moment at the time of sleep may even lead to increased sleep. The condition is fostered as it interrupts the normal sleep cycle.

Although, not all who oversleep have a sleep disorder. Other possible reasons for excessive sleeping consist of alcoholism & prescription medicines.

Some medical conditions such as depression may also lead to such a situation.

Ayurveda Treatment For Excessive Sleep

Same like Ayurveda for insomnia there is also Ayurveda treatment for excessive sleep. However, the Ayurveda treatments for oversleeping mostly depend on the root cause for excessive sleeping and the root cause might either be mind-related or body-related.

As per Ayurveda, people whose Kapha dosha is dominant fall asleep within no time and find it tough to keep awake or wake up. If the Kapha dosha is the reason, Ayurveda tries to alter the same and make it possible for the one to get enough sleep instead of too much sleep.

Ayurveda tries to decrease the Kapha dosha by igniting agni so that the body doesn’t feel dull, exhausted, and asks for more sleep.

Ayurveda unlike allopathy focuses on treating too much sleep by regulating diet and lifestyle and prescribing medicines. It doesn’t follow one-herb or one-medicine treatment. It tries to balance the overall energies in the body and answer the base cause of oversleeping.

As part of the excessive sleep treatment process, body and mind are repaired so that both excessive sleep and less sleep are answered.

Apart from diet and lifestyle herbal oils, herbal tablets, and massage techniques will be used to correct oversleeping tendency.

Other Tips To Manage Excess Sleep

  • Make sure you maintain proper sleep timings i.e sleeping at the right time every day.
  • Ensure you are not taking too much caffeine before bed leading to disturbed sleep which in turn again causes lengthy sleep times.
  • Apart from sleeping at the same time every night also ensure that you wake up every day at the same time. Doing so will train the body to strictly follow the same routine each day to fall asleep and get up.
  • Ensure your diet doesn’t consist too much of edibles that ask for more sleep.
  • Check your health condition, sometimes insomnia, narcolepsy can also lead to such a situation. If insomnia is the cause, try Patanjali Ayurveda medicine for insomnia.
  • Keep your body physically active so that it gets quality sleep and doesn’t ask for too much sleeping.
  • Don’t hit your bed unless you are really sleepy.
  • If all these don’t work get in touch with a doctor.

Follow these tips besides sticking to Ayurveda treatment for excessive sleep. This kind of treatment may take time but will surely give fruitful and longstanding results.


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