6 Effective Ayurvedic Massage Oils For Varicose Veins

Ayurvedic Massage Oils For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can happen due to many reasons although there are good medicines and treatment options in allopathy Ayurveda makes a better option than allopathy. Ayurvedic treatments for varicose veins not only subdue the problem but also give a permanent solution to this problem with fewer side effects. In this present article let us see such ayurvedic massage oils for varicose veins that are good and simple to use.

6 Ayurvedic Oils For Varicose Veins

1. Cypress Oil

Cypress oil is the product of the classic tree of the identical name that produces tiny cones. Apart from being a good oil to treat these veins it also has a good say in the overall health especially in treating anxiety and respiratory illnesses.

How To Use

Rub 5 drops of this essential oil on the affected region twice a day for some weeks or till you notice a change. Besides, treating the condition also relaxes the muscles present in the body. This is the reason why cypress oil is majorly used in the ayurvedic treatment for varicose veins in Kerala- a known destination for Ayurveda treatment across the globe.

2. Lavender Oil

Besides, having the quality of a naturally calming scent it is also apparently a pain-reducing oil as such making this oil the most trustable Ayurveda oils to treat varicose veins. Treating the discomforts of varicose veins is easier when this oil is used as suggested by an ayurvedic practitioner. It is majorly used as an aromatherapy agent as far as treating this condition through Ayurveda methods is concerned. Lavender oil mitigates pain and inflammation that are the results of this condition. It can also cure skin ulcers if they are the result of varicose veins. Ask an ayurvedic doctor online to know more about how to use this oil for treating this specific condition. Usually, rubbing 3-4 drops of this oil and massaging it smoothly is the way to use it.

3. Rosemary Oil

Since the time of ancient Greek civilization, rosemary oil has been important in treating many health issues. Although a good option for memory loss it is nothing less in treating the inflammation caused by varicose veins. Apply it topically and massage it.

4. Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil is made by steam distillation of blooms from the plant with the same name and reportedly comes with varied healing qualities. It is one of the most revered oils to shrink the appearance of varicose veins. Just apply on the elevated veins and massage gently two times a day.

How To Use

Take 1-2 drops of it to massage. Doing so will aid in blood circulation and eventually, the inflammation lessens. It is also good in eradicating blood clots and blood stickiness which are the common causes of varicose veins.

5. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is revered as the calming scent besides being known as pain-lessening oil. It is highly useful in treating this condition because it has good anti-inflammatory properties that are very much essential for treating pain and inflammation associated with this condition.

6. Geranium Oil

Although majorly used as an oil for increasing complexion and enhancing skin condition it is none less to the above oils in treating varicose veins. The oil also has hair stimulation propriety besides the two of the said qualities. Its anti-inflammatory effect is very much useful in curing varicose veins. Apply it morning and evening on the affected region till the signs are gone.

Besides using these oils to treat your varicose veins also make use of ashwagandha for varicose veins as the extract from it lessens cortisol levels and aids in doing away with pain and inflammation.

General Methods To Use The Above Ayurvedic Oils For Varicose Veins

Choose one that best suits your condition and skin type or pick the one suggested by your Ayurveda doctor. Use the picked oil in a cold or hot compress as your massage oil. At times using it in your bath is also good. Usually, your doctor will suggest how to use it. But as a general rule either you use it for compress or massage, 15 minutes is the essential time.

Although most of these oils are generally safe on everyone in case you see some minor side effects like skin rashes or bruises contact your doctor immediately.

These, in general, are the ayurvedic massage oils for varicose veins. For optimum effects consult an Ayurveda doctor.


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