Know The Benefits Of Gotu Kola For Skin, Hair, And Health

Gotu Kola Benefits For Skin, Hair, And Health

Gotu kola, a parsley family herb is a highly revered herb in ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. Gotu kola benefits for skin, hair, and health are many and also have no side effects as this herb is from nature. Let us look into Gotu kola all-around benefits for humans.

What Is Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kola, considered the “herb of longevity” is a prime herb in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and Indonesian medicines. According to medical practitioners, especially the traditional practitioners, this medicinal herb comes with the ability to improve brain power, cure skin issues, and stimulate kidney and liver health.

This above-ground growing plant belongs to the parsley family and it is widely grown in India, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, and the South Pacific. It is scientifically called Centella Asiatica and in India, it is called Brahmi.

It is also believed to cure burns and cure poor circulation that can cause varicose veins. It can also be used to cure stretch marks, scars, and many other health ailments.

This herb has some kinds of chemicals that seem to decrease remo inflammation and also decrease blood pressure in veins. It even increases collagen secretion, which is vital for the healing of wounds.

Gotu Kola Benefits For Skin

Science has now understood the manifold benefits of Gotu kola for the skin and this is the reason why many skincare products are using this herb.

Here are a few of the benefits of Gotu kola for the skin;

  • It produces and promotes collagen thus adding to the overall health of the collagen.
  • It is known to lower scars and reduce stretch marks.
  • It prevents sagging of skin and keeps the skin cells tight.
  • It is known to obstruct the formation of bacteria in open cuts and wounds and thus adds to the quick healing of skin problems. The herb has triterpenoids, a group of chemical compounds which give this herb this holy property.
  • The herb is also known to keep the body hydrated and causes less water removal from the human body.
  • Coming to health benefits it is known to cure varicose veins as it penetrates deep into the skin and thus lessens the bulged veins.
  • The cream made using this herb is also known to cure eczema.
  • Application of creams made of Gotu kola herb also cures scarring.
  • Either applying or taking this herb directly will help in decreasing keloids.
  • The application of this herb for second-degree burns will ease the pain and pus-forming tendency.

Gotu Kola Benefits For Hair

It is believed that this herb increases hair length and stimulates hair growth, probably by heightening the circulation of blood to the scalp. The herb is believed to fortify blood vessels which in turn lead to the strengthening of hair follicles thus leading to less hair fall and more voluminous hairs.

The extract from the herb can also be applied as a hair cleanser for stronger hair.

Gotu Kola Benefits For Health

Apart from skin and hair benefits Gotu kola also has many health benefits such as;

  • Cures atherosclerosis and thus obstructs heart attacks and strokes.
  • Enhances the condition of narrowed small blood vessels in diabetes.
  • Lessens bladder wounds caused due by a parasitic infection known as schistosomiasis.
  • Improves memory power and thinking skills in children.
  • Lessens anxiety.
  • Decreases common cold and flu.
  • Fights Diarrhea.
  • Reduces Fatigue.
  • May heal Hepatitis.
  • Lessens Indigestion.
  • Lowers Jaundice.
  • It May help in sunstroke affecting people.
  • Fights Tonsillitis.
  • May aid in some kinds of Urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • Gotu kola benefits for women are also high it helps to treat menstrual disorders.
  • The other Gotu kola benefit Ayurveda include detoxing effects and lessening insomnia.

Tips To Use Gotu Kola

Do not use Gotu kola if you;

  • Are breastfeeding
  • Are pregnant
  • Have hepatitis or some other liver disease
  • Have a slated surgery within the following 14 days
  • Are aged 18 years below
  • Have skin cancer or had

Speak to your doctor before use if you;

  • Have liver diseases
  • Have diabetes
  • Have high cholesterol
  • Are having medicines like sedatives for anxiety or sleep
  • Are having diuretics

Always start with a low dose and gradually increase the dose. At once it should be used for 2 to 6 weeks and a gap of 14 days should be given.

Side Effects Of Gotu Kola

Generally, this is safe but in a few cases, it can lead to headache, disturbed stomach, and lightheadedness.

If you want to apply topically do a patch test as it may lead to skin irritation.

The above are the Gotu kola benefits for skin, hair, and health.


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