The Secret to Live long Life

Secret To Live Long Life

We all want to live long, healthy, and without diseases. The law of nature dictates that when we want something really bad, we eventually tend to incorporate certain measures and activities unconsciously that will shape the future. When done consciously, the speed is amazing. Our country has witnessed numerous people who took care not to shed their mortal frame for a long time. Ages like 125, 150 years is not uncommon until a few decades ago. What changed in recent years? What is the course of action?

The famous Chinese Herbalist Li Chung Yuen is famed to have lived for a staggering 250 years. Closer home, Madan Mohan Malaviya (founder of the Benares Hindu University and freedom fighter) has a close Ayurvedic doctor friend who was more than 180 years old. What is their secret? With improved medical equipment and reach, why is our generation suffering from more diseases than ever before?

All these forms of alternate medicines agree on one fundamental principle- the importance of the mind on health. All alternate systems address issues at the mental and physical levels as against modern medicine. Research from every corner of the world resoundingly declares that more than 70% of the visible bodily malfunctions have their genesis in the mind.

The Secret To Live Long Life

In order to lead a healthy life, put diseases at bay, the time has come for our generation to cure our character;

1. Start Reviewing Your Thoughts

Spend few minutes in a day to remember and write negative incidents that caught your attention. Do these behaviors reflect deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes? What can you do differently from tomorrow? Soon, your heart and mind calm. Enormous health benefits follow.

2. Ponder Over Thoughts That Have Purpose And Joy

When one focuses on positive and purposeful things, our mind and body move to a different level of vibrations. You start attracting genuine friends, prosperity, joy, and health. Start this and watch as your life changes

3. Start Meditation

The process of meditation brings unlimited healing and relaxation properties. Among other things, your breath slows down and so does the rate of tissue generation. Longevity has a direct link to the quality of meditation.

Living a life of control and discipline will eventually release all forms of deeply rooted mental blocks to greater health and longevity.