Advantages Of Yoga For Asthma Patients

Yoga for Asthma Patients

Are you facing problems with your asthma? Are you tired of medicines and clinical treatment? Why not try some beneficial yoga poses to ease your ailment? Read to know more.

Yoga for asthma has been a notion preached by many over the years. Asthma is a type of Breathing Problem by many people these days. The common causes are weak lungs, inhaling of polluted air or excessive smoking. All of these can lead to asthma, which doesn't seem to have a long-term cure.

It has been seen over the years that doing yoga exercises really helps asthma patients breathe better. A principal element of yoga is controlling of ones breathing. Yoga helps people regulate their breath and relieves stress or worries. This particular aspect is the reason yoga for asthma has become so popular.

Even though clinically the effects of yoga on asthma patients have not been verified, several patients have benefited from the practice of yoga. If you are suffering from asthma or know someone who is, yoga for asthma can be adopted and tried. Yoga is the only form of exercise asthma patients can do, as it doesn't strain their lungs. Asthma patients are generally not able to do more rigorous exercises.

Here are some of the yoga poses for asthma patients that have been effective.


This is a beginner’s yoga for asthma patients. This asana regulates the breath and stress to provide relief to asthma patients. One can easily do it at home. First you've to lie on your back then keep your hands on your side. Your palms and your feet should be open. Shut your eyes and relax your jaw, try to draw all attention into yourself. Keep all attention on how you are breathing and try to reduce the pace of your respiration.

Make your breathing rhythmic and very deep. Keep breathing in and out slowly; try to loosen all the tension in your body. Keep doing this for 10 minutes, breathing very slowly.


benefits of yoga-sukasana uses

This is ideal yoga for asthma as it gives relief to your lungs. First sit down and slowly cross your legs. You can place a rolled up towel near your tailbone if you feel that sitting like that is uncomfortable. Place your right hand over your heart, and left hand over your stomach. Then slowly shut your eyes.

Now gradually suck in your stomach and swell your chest. Keep the pose while you slowly breathe for around five minutes. Remember to keep your breath slow and steady.

Bend forward:

This position has been known to open up the lungs so that one can breathe more easily. You've to stand with the legs apart, then slowly bend your body forward. While bending also fold your knees a little so that your back is not tense. Now cross your arms and hold one elbow with opposite palm, so that your body feels suspended. Take deep breaths and hold the pose for 5 minutes.


This is great yoga for asthma as it is a stretching exercise that really helps with breathing. First you've to sit and touch the soles of the feet to each other. Your knees should be at your sides at an acute angle with the soles- like a butterfly's wings.

Now hold the ankles of your feet and slowly move the heels towards your hip. While doing this stretch don't forget to keep your breath slow and even. Then slowly bend your body forward. You can take support by placing your elbows on you knees while you stretch. Keep the pose while breathing deeply five times.


advantages of yoga-bridge

This asana can be a little difficult so only do this after you've done the others for a while. The thing about yoga is that it makes your body flexible and you can bend yourself in more ways than one after practicing yoga for a while.

To start with the pose you've to lie completely flat on the ground. Your posture should be straight and touching the ground fully. Keep the arms parallel to the body. Now you've to fold your knees and keep dragging them upwards towards your butt till the feet comes just beneath the knees. Then raise your butt from the floor and keep raising your legs till your thighs are parallel to the floor and your back is arching up. Push your shoulder backwards and project your chest outwards. Keep breathing while you hold this for a minute.

Practicing these yoga poses everyday for an hour can really improve your breathing problem. Many use yoga for asthma as a treatment, as it not only helps you breathe but also gives you much needed exercise.

Solicit the help of professional yoga instructor for better guidance today.