10 Simple Partner Asanas and Their Benefits

DSC_0271 by Le Yoga, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Le Yoga 

Do you find that you lack the motivation to practice yoga regularly? Here’s something that will motivate you- partner yoga! Yes, that is a thing, and it has become exceedingly popular in the past few years. Partner yoga is where two people get together and practice certain yoga asanas together. The partners can be friends or a couple. This yoga can help the partners get healthier, and develop a deep understanding and trust with each other.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of partner yoga asanas, here are some of them that you should be looking to do.

  • Forward Bend Asana

Both you and your partner should sit down, on a yoga mat, with your backs touching. Now, reach back and link your elbows with your partner. Now, exhale, and lean forward, and your partner will bend back with you. Then, your partner should lean forward, and you should do a slight back bend. This asana helps with relaxation, and can help cure back problems.

  • Sideways Bend Asana

Stand next to your partner, touching hands with their hands. Both of you should raise your hands, stand on your toes, and stretch to one side, as far as both of you can. Inhale, come back to a straight position, and do the same on the other side, too. This asana can help build the core strength. It can also promote balance and posture.

  • Back-to-Back Twist Asana

Sit down, with your back to your partner. Inhale, and stretch backwards, taking your right hand to your partner’s left knee. Hold this position for a few seconds. Exhale, and bring your hands back to your lap. Do the same for the other side, too. Once you have done it, your partner must do it too. This asana can help build the core, while lengthening the spine and relieving joint pains.

  • Face-to- Face Twist Asana

Sit in a Padma asana position, facing each other. Place your right arm behind your back, and keep your forearm parallel to the floor. Your partner should do the same, with his/her left arm. With the remaining hand, take your partner’s hand and hold it. Inhale as you release the position, and exhale as you shift it to the other arm. This asana can actually help with ENT problems and relieve joint pain.

  • Cobbler’s Pose Asana

Sit down on the mat, with the soles of your feet in front of you and knees apart. Your partner should do the same, in front of you. You should then bend forward, holding hands with your partner. Your partner should assist you in bending forward. You should then do the same for your partner. Repeat this about 5-6 times. This asana does not just help communication and trust building, it also promotes abdominal muscles and arm strength.

  • Head-to-Knee Twist Asana

Sit down on the yoga mat, with one leg outstretched and the other leg underneath the outstretched leg’s thigh. Your partner should take the same pose, so that both your feet are touching. Now, both of you should reach forward, and catch each other’s hands, while pulling the other forward. To make it easier, you can bend your body, so that the arm corresponding with the outstretched leg touches the floor, while the other arm goes up. This asana can improve flexibility and blood circulation.

  • Camel Pose

Both of you should kneel down on the floor, a few inches away from each other. Keep your knees on the floor, and grab hold of your partner’s arm. Now, bend back slowly, while keeping the head straight. Your partner should do the same. This asana can help promote flexibility, while improving blood circulation in the body. It can also get rid of neck and shoulder pains.

  • Forward Leg Asana

Face each other, while standing one arm’s length away. Raise your right leg, till it is parallel to the floor, and ask your partner to hold the feet with their left hand. Stay in this pose for as long as you can, and repeat with the other leg. You should hold your partner"s feet while they do the same, too. This asana can help shape the thighs, and also known to prevent formation of corns on the feet.

  • Triangle Pose

Stand back to back with your partner, with legs kept wide. Now, bend to your left, and stretch your left arm. Your partner should bend in the opposite direction. Once you have bent as much as you can, lower your right arm (your partner should lower their left arm) to touch their shin, or the floor. This pose is quite good to look at too, for it shows how well you and your partner work together. It can promote harmony among partners, while improving digestion.

  • Standing Camel

This asana is best suited for couples who are romantically involved. You should stand facing your partner. Grab hold of your partner’s forearm with your hands. Both of you should bend backwards slowly, till you have bent as much as you can. Retain this position, and your hold on your partner. Once you are done, slowly bring yourself back to a straight position, while helping your partner. This partner yoga asana strengthens your back, triceps and gluteal muscles, while massaging and stimulating the internal organs. It also stretches and strengthens your chest, neck, thighs, ankles and abdomen.