2017 Feb 25 Sat Hello Doctor, Have a few

Dear Doctor: 2017 Feb 25 Sat
Hello Doctor,

Have a few issues, none major, but taken together I am unable to overlook.

1. Knee Pain & Leg Pain and difficulty in climbing more than a dozen steps.

2. Shoulder pain is low but exists.

3. Unable to look at Cell Phone screen for more than a few minutes - eyes tire easily.

4. Need to change specs-glasses frequently.

5. Sometimes breathing difficulty due to choking sensation and can be contributing to 'not-normal' feel.

6. While eating, occasionally have burning sensation and heartburn.

7. Sleep Apnea leading to low-energy & frustration.

Can you provide a wholistic solution addressing all/most of above?

S. Ramnath

  • 597 Days ago

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