Also neck choking.There isslightheavines

Dear Doctor: also neck choking.There isslightheaviness and mild pain in some parts of my head i also get mildfitsfor 36secconds mild fits from past frw years.I also havesomememoryloss problem i cant remember my studies.I can remember a veryfewthings.Ive consulted many physicians but of no use to me.Im femalefrom Marashtra.Im 22year old & my height is 157cm andweightis 35kg.Ihave multiple problems.Firstly,im underweight.I trieda lots ofmedicine to gain weight butit doesnt help.Instead my weightis same &sometimes becomes 34.From past 12years,im suffering fromsmelly whitedischarge,sometimesyellow before and after menses andsometimeswattery.I had sexualintercourse i get slight headpainsometimes which i feel as if connected tomy temple ofhead,eyes,earsand spine.Also the mid,back and side leftregion of myhead painsslightly.I feel a tip-tap sound from mytemples,mid regionupto mynasal.2years from now,i had received acatch at the end wheremy spinalcord andhead(brain meets.)
thatcatch travelled upto my headthat spine part isstill swollen& i feelas if that bone and part arebecoming big.The twoside partwhere myspine and hand meets behind theneck is become fat.Iget cramps on myback after sitting for a log timeand my back pains andmy kidneyregion too swells and becomes big.I cryand havetensiontoo.By whichi feel cold,my body temperature becomeshot,my hands andlegs becomecold and the upper part of myeyes,temples,side corners ofmy templesaches.I feel slight bitternessvery rarely.My neck,chestregion painssometimes even if i swollowsomething fast too it pains ifeelvomitting.I feel something stuck myneck and when i swollow ordtinkit pains.Also i get dry cought whichis very unbearable andicantresist.The consistensy of the cought islittle,transparent lumpslikeGel type which is mid hard.When i touchmy neck i feel vibrationnoiselike as of mucus settled in myneck.Rarely i feel weakness tooandstiffness and cramps on my bodylike legs and hands.Afterheavyworkor sitting i stand as
a result ifeel weakness and feel fainyingwhichlast for 36seconds and thenbecomes normal.sometimes ofeelsuddenpain(catch) sort of in my leftchest region and i feel it morewhen ibreathe and pain in chest andlower left side of my breast.?

  • 96 Days ago

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