Can I take Himalaya Tentex Royal for mor

Dear Doctor: Can I take Himalaya Tentex Royal for more than 12 weeks without increasing any risk of possible side effects? Also is it safe to take along other herb like Horny Goat weed?

  • 123 Days ago

Dear Patient: No risk in Tentex royal usage.
Though Horny goat weed is safe taking alone. It is a Korean herb. It's interaction with Ayurveda herb is not known.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Ayurveda Specialist

MD (Ayurveda)



Thank you doctor for your reply. I am taking Horny Goat weed 1 capsule after breakfast & Himalaya Tentex Royal 2 capsules after dinner so would assume enough gap is there between two for any possible interaction, also just wanted to know both are safe on body organs like liver, kidney etc for long term usage.
Also whats the effect of both herbs on blood pressure as I normally have normal high (border line- 130/90) bp.

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