Dear Doctor, This is for my 15 year old

Dear Doctor: Dear Doctor,
This is for my 15 year old grand daughter, studying in class 10, at a very well reputed school in Gurgaon. She is very well versed, smart and intelligent girl but doesn't perform well in studies at all ever since she started school. Her both the parents are hearing impaired and speech deficit. Her academic responsibility had always been on me.
She has low self esteem, very touchy and sensitive, dominating her younger brother, getting angry even on smallest issue using harsh words, very obstinate, seems very selfish at times, a simple reminder (no nagging) towards school work makes her shout on us. Never prepares for exam, a few days before exam casual looking through the books is all that is done by her getting just pass marks or 50%.
In class 6 she was tested for dyslexia, and reports were positive with mild dyslexia and dyscalculii. She gets a writer for tests and exams. Initially she resisted as she felt ashamed but now she is ok with writers.
She gets mosquito bites that leaves marks and she gets irritated by those spots and gets distracted from studies. She is not interested in any co curricular activities, except swimming, for which she demands a pool at home, which cant be done by us. If angry she shuts the room and does not communicates. Movies, TV shows, mobile, make up shopping, forcing her mother is what she enjoys.
Parents have given up, keep tolerating or she shuts from everyone. We, grandparents also dont say much because she communicates only when she is happy.
When she is in her mind, like a normal person, she speaks wisdom and knowledge. Her decisions made for others or for herself are done most intelligently and sensibly. Suddenly then I feel so proud of her. My hopes evokes that now she will do some basic studies at least but 'studies' makes her irritable. She is a very precious girl to us and I understand she can be treated well to get rid of her irritable nature with homeopathic medicines.
I was inspired to read about your daughter's achievements and we want to feel the same for our daughter. That is my dream.
We live in Sector 15 part 2 Gurgaon. We would like to visit you some times next week. I will take appointment accordingly as it may take a long discussion in this case.
Thank you for being patient with my message.
Deepa Dutta?

  • 2433 Days ago

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