Dear Sir/Madam, Namaskar, I am contactin

Dear Doctor: Dear Sir/Madam,


I am contacting from Turkey. I am a Turkish Ayurvedic Practitioner working in this area nearly for 20 years.

I have a problem with my 2 years old son having some illnesses and now all western medicine style doctors want to surgeon for him urgently. I could not accept this so, I have started to investigate more on this issue. I found your info and would like to ask your opinion. Could you possible to evaluate my son’s condition?

Medical Background of my son:

First of all he has left renal pelvis dilatation/ hydronephrosis congenital and calculated 19 mm last week via ultrasonography. After birth 2 spleen cysts have occured and until now they continue to be exist. When he was 1 year old some hydrocell has been deteched in his testicles. Afterwards it has been suspected that he has rectactile testicle because sometimes they seem to move up and down. But nowadays testicles seems in down -after I practice an Agni essential oil blend- when the general surgeon and urologist’s last check.

But none of them is alleged reason for current surgeon. A big spermatic cord cyst / left inguinal channel hydrocele has been detected newly.

----According to last radiology report on 06/14/2017 :

· Right testicle is in inferior channel and scrotum level and measured as 13 x 6 mm

· Left testicle is in scrotum and measured as 12x 6 mm

· There is no solid or cystic lesion is testicle parenchymal.

· There is liquid in right inguinal channel measured 3.5 mm at widest.

· There is minimal hydrocele in right scrotum.

· There is a spermatic cord cyst measured as 38 x 7 mm with anechoic content and partly lost in distant and/ or an apperance belong to the left inguinal channel hydrocele .

· There is no view about fatty tissue or intestinal segment.

----According to the previous radiology report on 06/10/2017 :

· There is a spermatic cord cyst measured as 40 x 8 x 6 mm with anechoic content and/ or an apperance belong to the left inguinal channel hydrocele .

So general surgeons and urologists want to surgeon as soon as possible. But me and my husband do not want. I know very well those are strong sign of increased water element and I am trying to control and balance it with some Agni herbal teas, veggy juice, foods with hot spices. But as you could expect it is really hard to do that with Ahara and Dinacharya because he is too little to understand and eat and drink properly. I am Kapha person with Water element dominant and my husband is Vata Dosha. I am vegan and my husband vegetarian and the kid is also vegan and Kapha Vata person.

I am thinking to buy some Ayurvedic medicines and put into practice for a 1 month Ayurvedic module ?

1.Sy. Septalin 2 x 3

2. Tab.Kanchanar Guggulu 1 /3 x 1 /3 x 1 /3

3. Pill. Vriddhi Badhika Vati. ½ x 2

4. Sy Tuff – 1 tsf x 2

5. Sy Amyron 1 tsf x 2

What you think about those? Is that any chance for him? Or what can I do and apply anything else ? Could you suggest me ?

Thanks for your reading this and helping us.

Best regards,


Cagan (Cinmoyii) GUN ISIKLI

Ayurvedic Practitioner
Yoga Instructor & LSF ® Exercise Therapist for Spine
Dance - Healing Music Therapist

Ankara / TURKIYE
GSM: +90 533 370 33 70

  • 479 Days ago

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