Dear Sirs, I have a mild cerebral & cere

Dear Doctor: Dear Sirs,

I have a mild cerebral & cerebellum disorder. (SCA-3)
What is the suitable treatment to cure this disease ?

  • 480 Days ago

Dear Patient: 1.Ashvagandha churṇa *powder of Withania somnifera* - 3g
2. Amrta churna *powder of Tinospora cordifolia* - 500 mg
3. Brahad vata chinta mani rasa – 125 mg
4. Vasant amalti rasa- 125 mg
5. Dashamoola kwatha- 40 ml
6. Muktashukti pishti – 500 mg
7. Yogaraja Guggulu – 500 mg twice a day for 2 months.

Above should be taken under medical supervision.


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Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Ayurveda Specialist

MD (Ayurveda)



Dear Dr Mahesh,
Suggested medicine assurance to cure ?


Sure. This is the best possible Ayurvedic approach to brain function.
Only it should be taken under guidance of an Ayurveda expert.


Thank you Dr. Mahesh,
But according to my doctor ( Neurophysician ) there is no medicine available in the world for this disease !!! Please comment.


It is correct, for this reason I said, \" This is the best possible Ayurvedic approach to brain function.
Only it should be taken under guidance if a Ayurveda expert.
This all Ayurveda medicine is advised for all Nuro problems.


Dear Dr Mahesh,
Your answer is ambiguous, Ayurveda cure this disease or not ?
Is SHIVAMBU therapy can cure this, any idea ?

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