Distortion in writing figures of3 and 8

Dear Doctor: Distortion in writing figures of3 and 8 diagonosed Parkinson Disease in March 2008 from Parkinson disease withTremours, unbalanced in walking, dragged feets .Taking Tab Syndopa plus after every 4 hours,Pramirol (SR)OD,Cap Amentrel 100mg OD,Tab Parkins ODTabRasalect ODHad first fall in Feb'18 and 2nd in June08 .Is this curable in Homeopathy?kindly suggest

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Dear Patient: AAHAR
Consume more of Asafoetida, carom or bishop’s weed, garlic foods daily.
Avoid fast food, junk food and heavy foods.
Avoid packaged and refrigerated food items.
Regularize bowel movment.
Practice regular yoga, as per your age, Practice pranayama and meditation.
1. Brhami rasayana 1-2 TSF with milk after breakfast
2. Ashvgandha capsule twice a day after meals with water
3 .Brahmi chyavanprash twice a day after meals with milk
4. Zandopa granules 1TSF twice a day after meals with plain water. CAUTION:You must Avoid Milk with Zandopa.

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