Endometriosis Stage-4

Dear Doctor: Dear Sir,

I am Suchitra Bhatt resident of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I am having endometriosis since at least 2008.

I have a son born in 2006. During my first delivery there was complication right after child birth due to septum uterus. Later on I used to have abdominal pain during my periods which increasingly grew severe. Endometriosis was detected in 2010 and in 2011 I had my first surgery to remove endometriosis lesions as well as cyst from ovaries. Moreover adhesion between uterus, ovaries and intestine was cleared during that surgery. However endometriosis tissues remained outside of uterus and continued to create adhesion among various organs

By 2016 my pain increased to unbearable levels and last week I had my 2nd surgery to again clear the adhesion between uterus, ovaries and intestine. Also this time Adenomyosis has been detected and upper portion of uterus was cut and removed during surgery due to adenomyosis. However all endometriosis and adenomyosis lesions were not removed.

My doctor says that this condition will prevail and I may have other surgeries also in future. My doctor also says that only permanent solution is to remove both ovaries and uterus. Even then there chances that some endometriosis lesions may remain inside and keep creating problems. I am not satisfied with this situation and want to have a second opinion.

Is there any cure or control for endometriosis & Adenomyosis in Ayurved? My life has become living hell and I want a long lasting solution. Please help.

Suchitra Bhatt
56, Shivlok Phase-5, BDA Road
Awadhpuri, Bhopal,
Phone - 09111572689

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