Gd Afternoon I am Allopathic Consultant

Dear Doctor: Gd Afternoon
I am Allopathic Consultant from Nilgiris,couple of years ago when I was working in Valparai , one of our engineer had severe back problem he was suggested surgery but he choose to come to your hospital, we were very impressed by your treatment he bacame better now retired,
We wish to know whether you offer treatment at concessional rates to poor people. we have such women patient who needs treatment for back pain , this person also was suggested surgery being a single women with a retarded adult son she cannot afford costly treatment ,Patient is a Malayali , we gather she has realatives in Palaghat, We shall be grateful if you could kindly respond
Thanking you,

Dr Mohan raj ?

  • 2137 Days ago

Dear Patient: Hi,
You may share this treatment plan with her.

*1. Ksheeer bala 101 capsule* (Arya vaidya shala)
Two capsule twice a day before food.
*2. Lakshadi gugul*
One capsule 3 times a day after food.
*3. Yogasan for back under supervision*

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Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Dr. Mahesh Sharma

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