Getting Your Hands and Wrists to Exercise

Getting your hands and wrists to exercise

Sounds crazy but ever wondered if your fingers, hands and wrists needed some exercise? Doctors say yes! Like our legs, neck and waist that need exercise to stay fit our hands also need a little bit of stretching and bending to keep them fit. Ever since computers and mobile phones came into advent, the pressure on the fingers and hands has gone to a new level. Constant typing and touching the screens makes the tiny ligaments and muscles in our fingers and wrists extremely weak.

Those who continuously work on gadgets and musical instruments usually suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome which causes tingling and trembling of the fingers. This kind of a sensation doesn’t go away with medicines. Exercise and enough rest only will work towards it. We have compiled a few hand and wrist exercises to reduce pain and strain in your hands. At work or at home, spare a couple of minutes to relieve your hands.

1. Make a fist – Gently push your hands into a fist and hold in the same position for 60seconds. Slowly release the grip and stretch your hands as much as you can. You shouldn’t feel any pain while stretching this way. Stay for 60seconds and fist them again. Repeat this for five times everyday to increase the range of motion of your hand and for relieving pain.

2. Tennis ball squeeze – Get a tennis ball or a soft ball that is used by physiotherapists. Take the ball in your hand and squeeze it firmly without stressing your palms or hands. Stay in the position for 20seconds and relieve slowly. Do it with the other hand and alternate both the hands for five times every day. Practising this at the end of a long day at work will be of great help.

3. Finger stretch – You can do this either in a sitting or a standing position. Place your palm on a table or just stretch into the air and straighten your fingers as much as you can. Remember that your fingers shouldn’t pain while stretching this way. Slowly release them after 30seconds and relax. You can do this exercise for five to six times every day.

4. Ball pinching – Those with stiff fingers will find great solace in this ball pinching exercise. Take a very soft ball that can be pinched. Tip one edge of the ball and pinch it. Continue pinching for 20seconds and slowly stop it. Do it with the other hand too. Alternate pinching with both the hands for ten times. Those who play musical instruments can benefit a lot from this.

5. Water therapy – Just before you are done for the day, take some warm water in a huge bowl and soak your hands with palms upwards. You can add some salt to the water to wash out impurities too. For more relief, rub some aromatic oil on your palms and soak them. The warmth of the water relaxes the tender ligaments.

6. Clay play – Do you know why kids love playing with clay dough? It is the best creative and relaxing form of play for them. Get some colourful clay dough and make flowers, snakes, rolls, spikes and all kinds of shapes with it. Pain relieving and mind soothing too. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like exercising at all.