Glowing Beauty with Yogasana

When we look at the faces of those beautiful models flaunting their oh-so-beautiful faces on the TV screens or the magazines, we wonder if there was anyway we too could get that glowing skin. The result of this desire is clear from the stacks of face packs, imported moisturizing creams, night creams and toners on our dressing table. And once we get all the creams possible and yet do not get that glow as was seen on the faces of those models and celebrities, we start to wonder how on earth those celebrities manage to keep their skin glowing for years. The answer to this is a regular practise of yoga. Practising yoga does wonders for mind and body. Here are some of the yogic exercises that help to achieve a skin with a natural glow.

Kapalbhati :

This is a very simple exercise in which we just need to control our breath through count. In this what we have to do is-

  • Sit on the floor or any plane hard surface with legs crossed.
  • Close our eyes, relax our body and then breathe.
  • Now breathe in deeply and then hold on to the position and stay like that for 10-12 seconds.
  • Now breathe out and then again breathe in and continue with the same process.

Shirshanana :

Shirshasana is to stand erect but in an upside down posture. Our body is supported on our head and the whole body is held erect. This exercise enables downward flow of blood and thus rejuvenates the skin by increasing blood circulation. It is a little tough exercise to perform but has a glowing effect on skin.

  • Place any mat or any blanket on the chosen floor and then sit on it in a knelt down position. Keep the spine straight and put your hands on the knee.
  • Now raise your hands and interlock them.
  • Now slowly place your head on the floor and then place your interlocked arms to support the head. Head should be placed in the middle of interlocked palms.
  • Now relax your breath and slowly raise your body in a mountain shape. Then try lifting up one leg off the ground and try the same with other leg.
  • To come down, bend your knees and curl down.
  • Then relax in knelt down position while taking relaxing breaths.

Halasana :

  • Lie down straight on yogic mat and put your hands close to the body.
  • Then slowly lift up the legs from floor, first at right angle and then slowly move it without bending it.
  • For lifting up your legs, push the floor with your hand.
  • When your legs touch the ground behind your head, lift your back further.

Dhanurasana :

  • Lie flat on your stomach and keep your hands straight in such a way that palm touches the ground surface on which you are performing yoga.
  • Raise your legs and bend the knee so as to bring it closer to your hip.
  • Now raise your hand and hold your ankles and try to pull the legs towards you, as a result of which your upper body will automatically be raised.
  • Hold onto the position for 10-12 seconds and then slowly release your body.

Matasyasana :

  • Lie down on your back. Legs should be straight and feet together.
  • Then place the palms underneath the thighs.
  • Now breathe and arch your back.
  • Lift your head and place it gently back down, to come out of the position.

Apart from all exercises and asanas , some normal changes in our lifestyle make our skin look so fresh and glowing. These changes include drinking lots of water, meditating, eating fruits and smiling a lot.