Hello Doctor, My 2Y8M old daughter recen

Dear Doctor: Hello Doctor,
My 2Y8M old daughter recently (2months back) affected by a allergy and the effect is, she has a small small rashes in her face, hands, legs, Initially we thought that was because of heat/sweating, but it was not gone even after 2 weeks, then we consulted with a Skin doctor and Dr said its a kind of allergy called (GIONOTTI CROSSI SYNDROME) and stated there is no proper cure for that allergy and it`ll take minimum 60days to get cured, now its been 3months since she affected and still she`s not cured. My friends suggested Homeopathy would be good option for this and can be get cured. Can anyone please reach me out to get out of it since she`s terribly feeling bad because of itching (not always) and she couldn`t able to express about this.?

  • 1776 Days ago

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