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Dear Doctor: Hello Dr. Rajesh Lakhanpaul sir - My son is 16yr.old.He is suffering from bipolar disorder from last 4yrs. I was giving him allopathy medicine from 4yrs . But don't get much results but when I start diet restrictions along with medicine like no sugar, no maida, no milk, no oily food and lots of fruits and vegetables and meditations, then I got lots of da z. Zimprovements . after 2yrs. I noticed he behave normal without medicine and behave abnormal with medicine. So we went to Dr. to ask can we stop medicine. and he decided to reduce 1tablet out of 3. After 3days my son started headache so we went to dr.and he add 1new medicine next day my son start abnormal behavior laughing and singing, dancing etc.
then to remove the effect dr. increases doses of another medicine and result is total chemical imbalance and it takes us 4yrs back situation. My son's mania increased 100 times. I throw all allopathy drugs. Right now I am giving him medha vati with saraswatarishta but as soon as saraswatarishta is given his mania increases. so I stop it now. One thing I want to mention is I did my son's blood test for valproic acid content of medicine given by Dr. and he is having deficiency of it and l also search that it is found in ayurvedic herb Tagar. But l don't know it's doses. Please help me. Give me complete treatment plan for my son. Right now he is having mania no depression. May I get answer from Dr. Rajesh Lakhanpaul please. ?

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Dear Patient: I have gone through your letter regarding your son's problem. Such issues we believe are not only cured by medicine alone. There is need to go to the root cause and handle his emotional state. Such patients call for sympathy and assurance. do not try to block his emotions but tactfully divert them. involve him in family activities and keep him occupied. Always provide him company. Do not leave him alone. Avoid all negativity. Talk to him only on positive notes. when normal let him meditate with Thank you God. If he had some hobby in past gradually start appreciating it. I mean to say all his environment of family and friends etc. Need to be cordial.
As far as his treatment in ayurveda is concerned, your selection of medha vati is fine. Saraswatarish is made from brahmi but some times due to fermentation patients do not accept it taste wise. I would advise you to add syrup. Bravobol[ ban pharma} 2 tsf tds.
second medicine that need be added is Cap. Stresscom [ Dabur} this contains only ashwagandha extract in oil base which enters brain in a better way one cap. morning evening. As far your concern about tagar is, we prefer it in cases where there are episodes of fits, it is available in tablet form and can be started with one tablet twice a day.
We also offer a procedure called shirodhara in which medicated oil is poured on forehead for about half an hour.
Scalp massage or foot massage is also good to induce sleep.
To conclude I offer following prescription:
Tab. medha vati 1-1
Cap. sttresscom 1-1
syrup Bravobol 2Tsf three times.

The rest medicinal part can be added as and when needed. But change in circumstances is a must for total cure.
Dr. Rajesh Lakhanpaul

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