Hello, my name is Valeria. I would like

Dear Doctor: Hello, my name is Valeria. I would like to see alternatives to treat my dad. He is 64 years old and has methastatic prostate cancer. We live in Santiago, Chile, but we are available to travel anywhere for solutions.
Ten years ago he had a very aggressive prostate cancer (Gleason 9, not encapsulated). He had surgery, then radiotherapy and afterwards 2 years of hormone therapy. He was fine, until 2 years ago (2015) when he started having a slightly increase in his antigen, but at levels that still did not mean anything. Along with this, he had several thromboses, perhaps associated with the cancer, as there is no history of thrombophilia in the family and the tests came out negative.
Finally, he took a PET scan, in which doctors detected several tumors in his lungs. Fortunately, nothing close to the area of the prostate was found, neither in lymph node, nor bones.
The first doctors he saw told him not to hurry up and that he would start hormone therapy again, which would give him 10 more years of life without problems. However, he consulted with other doctors, and was told that his cancer cells were so undifferentiated that they did not believe that hormone therapy would be effective, and that he should start a chemotherapy as soon as possible, of 6 initial sessions, in parallel, having hormonal therapy (LUPRON).
He started the chemotherapy and had a really good reaction, he just felt a bit tired some days of the month, but nothing terrible. After his 3rd session, he took the PET scan again, and all the tumors had reduced it sizes to the half. This month (November 2017) he ended his 6th session, so he took the PET scan again. This time the tumors didn´t change much. The biggest tumor had a slight decrease and the smaller ones didn´t change at all.
The doctors said this was normal, because these tumors wouldn´t disappear, and we can only try to maintain their sizes.
I was wondering if there´s any treatment you can think of, of traditional or non conventional medicine. I have heard about zeolite, but I worry it could interfere with his hormone treatment.
Thank you very much for your time.

  • 28 Days ago

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