Hi, I am writing from city hyderabad in

Dear Doctor: Hi, I am writing from city hyderabad in telangana state of India.My mother,aged 52, is diagnosed with psoriasis.The condition i believe is now severe as itching was initially started 7 years ago.Her vaginal area and anus provokes severe itching every 7-8hrs which is irresistable.The attempt to get at peace with scratching her irky skin lands her in a feeling of painful burning sensation.Moreover itching in the scalp results in small pimples all over scalp.hairs tend to shed occasionally leaving her almost bald and they hardly grow until shoulder.Sometimes itching is caused all over her body,but always mainly severe in scalp,vagina and its surrounding,anus.Further,she regularly takes her BP & sugar medicine.Upon consultation from many doctors & medical reports, it is found that her disease is not contagious or risk to life,but a life long painful one.Her Bp & sugar remains normal.Disguised with her painfull & unbearable condition I want to seek ur help & guidance in all or any possible way to help treat her.Any further details of her medical condition can be provided on request.Immensely longing for your quickest reply with loads of hope from your esteemed organisation,thanking you jn anticipation.?

  • 874 Days ago

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