How Yoga Can be Helpful for Kids- Top 5 Reasons

Nowadays, parents need to cope with myriads of issues affecting their children and those issues are not related to education and health at all times. Present generation kids hardly get the time to experience what childhood is, no matter how wealthy or matured their parents are. The hectic schedule of working parents, peer pressure, invasion of technology into life- all these aspects make life complicated for kids when they are not equipped to deal with such complexities.


Yoga to Deal with Issues Affecting Childhood

As a result of stress, the complexities of life and rising educational pressure on them, kids tend to react in unexpected manners. Irritability, lack of concentration in studies, resorting to aggression and absorption into virtual world are commonplace in children. Such issues can only worsen with time and after a limit, can be beyond control. While taking the kids to counsellors is always an option, it is prudent that you resort to a holistic and lasting methods to deal with issues affecting our kids. One such solution is Yoga. While Yoga is a method that is recommended more to adults for dealing with physical and mental issues, children can benefit in several ways from practicing yoga. Of course, you have to ensure the kids get yoga lessons from a veteran practitioner or teacher.

Benefits of Yoga for Children

    • Concentration – A majority of kids, both boys and girls, suffer from acute concentration problems. There are so many distractions in life in form of social media and technology to aggregate this issue. Practicing various yoga postures can help kids get more concentration. It will not only help them in studies, but enhanced concentration will ensure they pay attention to things they are taught otherwise. In specific yoga postures, body movements can be slow and then changes to fast and vice versa. While practicing such postures, children learn self control and how to focus on one thing at a time. As expected, you cannot see any change overnight, but in the long run, the effect will be visible.
    • Enhanced balance and flexibility-Practicing yoga postures can aid kids in increasing flexibility and balance. It also makes their muscles toned. With continuous practice, their body muscles become developed and so they do not get fractures and injuries easily. This is particularly useful for those kids who love outdoor sports and activities more than others.
    • Improvement in general well-being- It has been observed that children who take yoga lessons on a regular basis tend to be less grudging and stay happy most of the time compared to other kids. After undergoing a session of yoga they feel rejuvenated both in body and mind.
    • Boost in confidence level- It is a commonplace thing to see children of reset generation suffering from dip in confidence level. This can be caused by numerous reasons. Parental treatment to insensitive teachers, children may have to face issues that can hamper their level of confidence. Often they remain reluctant to discuss such issues with anyone and this makes them hesitant and sceptical about doing things on their own. Yoga calms the mind and enables them to think of things in life with a more balanced attitude at a tender age. As they attain greater agility and body control, it works in favour of confidence. With enhanced confidence, they excel in studies and other activities.
  • Relaxed mind- Hectic study and extracurricular activities can lead to present generation kids feeling more stressed out than earlier generations. They feel it too much for them to live up to expectations of parents, teachers and even peers at times. The increasing stress can affect study, sleep pattern and mental well being gradully. Rather than offering them fun rides at theme parks or fast food treats on weekends, it will be a better idea to enrol them in yoga classes. With yoga practice, they will cope better with elevated stress and will not get bogged down easily with failures.