I am 27 yr old mom of a two year old kid

Dear Doctor: I am 27 yr old mom of a two year old kid. I was diagnosed with chicken pox on 23rd Jan soon after my husband got recovered from the same.I used the allopathic medications for four days which included dolo 650,Aclovir-400 ,Rantac -150 and a calamine lotion. After four days ,I used homeopathic medicine for itching which was meant for chickenpox blisters (it wasn't itching on the blisters,there was an allergic reaction in my neck after applying sindhooram from a temple)..I simply had that for two days along with two other meds from homeopathy which was meant to be taken on the last stage of chickenpox and the other was for blisters which were infected with yellow color (I had two blisters with yellow pus inside which wasnt causing any trouble till then )..
And my irritation in the neck worsened with itching and it got spread towards the jawline and ears..Now my jawline is swollen with skin looking like it is burnt ..What should I do now ?

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Dear Patient: Vihar
Use sterile clothes and objects and Trim your nails to prevent damage from scratching.
It is a contagious disease so avoid contact with someone has chickenpox.It also spreads through air and on coming in direct contact with the blisters
Ayurvedic herbs for chickenpox

1.Haridra or Turmeric has antibacterial and antibiotic properties. It is a natural bruise and wound healer.
orally, turmeric can reduce itching, fight bacteria and provide anti-inflammatory effects in those diagnosed with chickenpox.
You can take haridra with milk.
2.Yashtimadhu or mulethi
You can take yashtimadhu in the form of a decoction, powder with ghee (clarified butter), milk decoction.
Guduchi improves immunity
Manjishtha is known as the best herb for blood purification.
5.Nimba or Neem
It has antiviral and disinfectant properties that make it useful for treating many health conditions including chickenpox.Neem also has detoxifying, blood-purifying and stimulant properties.Nimba helps heal ulcers,and inflammation.It is a blood- purifier .
You can take nimba in the form of a powder, decoction, medicated ghee, infusion, oil.
Ayurvedic medicines for chickenpox
1. Paripathadi kadha
2. Shatadhauta ghrita
For topical application.
3. Chandrakala ras
4. Tiktpanchak kwatha
5. Sutashekara rasa

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All the blisters are healed except for two or three .. my neck is swollen now which I guess is due to allergic reaction as mentioned above. I\'ve already encountered with mumps when I was 12
so hopefully it\'s not that too.Kindlyy guide me to a proper solution for this.

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