I am going through very high anxiety, st

Dear Doctor: I am going through very high anxiety, stress and sleeplessness due to work related issues. Unable to sleep for days because of this. What medicine can I regularly take.?

  • 507 Days ago

Dear Patient: *Aahar- diet*
Kindly avoid sugar, caffeine, carbonation, cold/raw or frozen foods. Salt, sour, sweet, oily and warm. Avoid Warm soups . A substancial breakfast, oatmeal is good for anxiety. Sweet fruits are good. Drink warm water instead of ice water
*Vihar - Life style*
Get yourself warm
Use Oils
*Breathe exercise* Yogic breathing is called Pranayama. Taking time each day to breathe helps settle your nervous system.
Forward bends settle anxiety. Sit and come forward onto your lap. Bend at the hips so your weight is not being carrying by your back. Do child's pose. Stand and let your upper body hang from the hips. Downward facing dog.
*Follow a routine in daily life*
*Ayurved Aushadhi*
*Ayurvedic formulation*
1.Manas mitrak vati twice a day
2.Ashwgandha capsule three times a day

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Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Dr. Mahesh Sharma

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Thank you doctor for your detailed advice. I have purchased Manas mitrak vati tablets from Kottakal and Ashwgandha from Himalaya pharmacy - How many tablets or gms should I take per dosage ??

Jatamamsi and Gokshur - should I buy them separately or are they part of Manas mitrak vati

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