I am suffering from fever since 8 years.

Dear Doctor: I am suffering from fever since 8 years. it's up and down. m having lots of food allergies. after eating cold and citrus items, milk I got fever. m. possess of. ?

  • 671 Days ago

Dear Patient: Hello Ms,
Fever is not a disease , it is condition or could be reaction of your body to some foreign thing . As i do not have much history about your case , i can not diagnose it accurately but yes , it is very clear that your immune system is fighting with something which it should not . Example - You are allergic to milk , is it since childhood or later ? are you allergic to any particular animal milk or all the milk etc . If you have developed all in your later years other than childhood then differential diagnosis goes like gluten intolerance , Lactose sensitivity , metabolic disease , auto immune disease .

I would recommend you to start with the basic treatment by correcting your metabolism , depending on the progress you can go ahead with further treatments.
Do not be dependent much on diagnostics which can lead to something like idiopathic cause

Any more doubts are suggestion is required , do write up.

Take care , Get well soon


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Dr. Soumya Hullannavar

Dr. Soumya Hullannavar

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