I have been diagnosed with gum deseases

Dear Doctor: I have been diagnosed with gum deseases ( periodontitis ) 4-6 mm and they said it is not curable only treatable

can i get cured using ayruda?

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Dear Patient: Plants with oral health related indications
1. Amala has an antioxidant as well as astringent property which has been proven to be effective in the treatment of toothache, gingival inflammations and stomatitis
2. Lavnga oil (Clove oil) is commonly used to relive in toothache. Eugenol, is the active component, is widely used in root canal therapy, dental abscess, temporary fillings and several gum diseases.
3. Aloe vera has dentin formation property.
4. Nimbu/Lemon natural source of citric acid. It has antibacterial effect. Freshly prepared lemon solution is recommended as a root canal medicament.
5. Mango leaf contains ascorbic and phenolic acid. Mango leaves posses antibacterial property against anaerobic micro flora and it can be used as an effective adjuvant in maintaining oral hygiene.
6. Neem is Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral, analgesic, immunity booster and antioxidant property. Neem leaves mouth rinse is effective in the treatment of periodontitis.
7. Triphala has anticaries and antiplaque property. It is also used for strengthening the gums and root canal.
8. Tulsi extract mouth rinse reduces salivary streptococcal counts.
9. Turmeric extract can be used in the treatment of potentially malignant lesions in oral cavity. It inhibits metastasis of melanoma cells and may be used in deactivating carcinogens in cigratte smoke and tobacco chewing.
10. Kantakari seeds Dhoopan (Fumes) has been used in dental caries

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