I have been having irregular periods sin

Dear Doctor: I have been having irregular periods since May onwards, mostly every alternate month.. period is delayed, I am under homel treatment from 2 months.My History - since Puberty I have had hormonal imbalance issues. MOstly heavy periods and I had taken allopathic treatment for it, since 2010 I have not had any allopathic medicine for periods.I have not had any period issue till 2016, I then opted for. SuJok accupuncture, and period was back to normal, I had heavy periods then..since last year period have been normal Upton May.I had lost some weight due to excercise.My age is 32, I am 75kg and I am unmarried. I need some help to get my period back to normal and with good flow every month.Other symptoms I have had are some acne on chin and mouth area. ?

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Dear Patient: Hi,
Thank you for your question at Chikitsa!
These are my recommendations.
You are advised to reduce your weight.
Avoid all spicy food.
Then you can try
*Pushynuga choorn* ( baidyanath)
Pushyanug Churna dosage:
1 – 3 grams given along with honey and rice washed water, once or twice a day before or after food for a period of 2 – 3 months.

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Dr. Mahesh Sharma

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Thank you Doctor,
My period upto may has been normal -4 or 5 day flow, now since May it’s been irregular, I had a skipped period in may and the June normal period, July I only had spotting, aug-normal period with slight heavy flow and sep- no period..
I wan


I want to regularise it abs period should be on time, not be delayed..


Sorry for the delayed response. You need to follow the above prescription to normalize the periods. Please follow up after 2-3 months.

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