I have chronic ceviar constipition and c

Dear Doctor: I have chronic ceviar constipition and ceviar sinusitis and brochal asthma problem since last 20 years. In various places I have been treated for disease. Like CMC VELLORE, APPPOLI CHENNAI,, BEST Gastroenterlogist Institute Medi india hospital. At now I am under medication ayurvedic treatment under supervision one of the best Ayurvedic Dr Rajesh Mishra of Sri Sri Ravishankar Tatva Institute. All are giving good result in intial state when I started the medicine But after some time medicine is not working. . I have done all type of diagnosis in appolo chennai in the year of 2016. I have do Colonscopy, Endoscopy, And ultrasound. In Appolo Chennai. Every thing is ok only they found I have fatty lever stage 1( Non alcoholic). They have prescribe medicine and I started the medicine and take regularly and give very good response. But after some days medicine are not giving proper response. So please suggest me medicine for above sufferings disease. My age is 50 years and staying in JAMSHEDPUR CITY IN JHARKHAND STATE. Thanks with regards, J. Chowdhury?

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Dear Patient: We can manage constipation and sinusitis initially and then go for asthma treatment. All three can't be managed at once.

For constipation

Abhyarishtam- take 10 ml dilutec with 20 ml water , thrice a day after food

Trivrit lehyam - 5 gms at bedtime everyday followed by a cup of warm water

For sinusitis
Cephagraine combo - it contains drops n tablet

Take 1 tablet cephagraine thrice a day after food
Cephagraine drops - put two drops of the oil in each nostril twice a day

Diet - drink this medicated water everyday instead of normal water. It will releive both constipation and sinusitis
Boil 1 tsp each of jeera , ajwain and shania seeds in 3 litres water for 5 minutes and use it the entire day.

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