I was hospitalized Jan. 2015 for what i

Dear Doctor: I was hospitalized Jan. 2015 for what i believe was psychosis, but was told i was bipolar and paranoid. I was prescribed 3mg of risperidone at the time, and took that for 18 months until i reduced the dose to .75mg with my doctors permission.
I was diagnosed with aspergers in 2009, and i find the dose of .75mg helps a lot with irritability and anger associated with aspergers [autism], which i know it is approved for.
I currently get my care through the Veterans administration, and don't get to see a doctor as often as i should, for the care is just adequate. My question or questions are: Is .75 mg of risperidone a safe dosage to take, and is it safe to take it long term? I've read of others taking doses higher than mine for long periods of time, many years in fact. I've also read it is prescribed for many things like OCD, Anxiety, Depression and many other things, and that anti-psychotics are prescribed quite a bit. I have however read some bad things about them on the internet. One being weight gain that leads to metabolic syndrome. I am a healthy 47 yr old male with a bmi of 24, with good blood work. Do i have anything to worry about taking this medication? I am just wanting a second opinion on this, for i don't get a chance to ask my doctor a lot of questions. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you

  • 396 Days ago

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