Is there any remedy for longtime sinus p

Dear Doctor: Is there any remedy for longtime sinus problems without antibiotics and allopathic treatments ?

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Dear Patient: In Ayurveda we don't use any Antibiotic.
Ayurveda treatment is based on food habits, life style and then medical management. Sinus treatment is ad follow:

Avoid Kaphakara aharas such as ice cream, cottage cheese, milk, banana, oily, fried, Chinese and junk foods.
Avoid fruits especially at night when you suffer from sinusitis.
Avoid drinking too much water, drink only warm water.
Food should be treated with turmeric, pepper and ginger.

*Vihar (Lifestyle)*
Avoid applying head bath and oil application.
Avoid daytime sleep, suppressing natural insistence.
Do not expose yourself directly to Air-condition, fan or sitting near a window while traveling in an open vehicle.

1. Steam inhalation twice daily, water may have camphor or a few drops of eucalyptus oil.
2. A warm compress on the affected area provides relief from pain and heaviness
Nasya (Nasal drop)
Gudardraka nasya (Guda 4 pinch + Ardraka swarasa 1 teaspoon, dose: 4 to 6 drops each nostril.
Ardraka svaras nasya (Ardrakaswarasa 1 teaspoon + milk 1teaspoon spoon)
*External application* Rasnadi Churna with warm water or lemon juice.
*Aushadhi (Internal medicine)*
1. Varunadi Kashya
3.Siptoaladi choorna
4.Laghu Sutshekhara
5.Rasnadi Chuoorna (mixed with lemon and applied to sinus-affected area.

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