My age is 20 yrs Sir i have clear penile

Dear Doctor: My age is 20 yrs
Sir i have clear penile discharge since 8month i have checked to doctor he done rectal examination then he said i m suffering from chronic prostitis then he test my unusual discharge sample when he press my prostate i clear sticky watery fluid discharge he test this then klebsiella organism find but after medicine 2month it's not cure or then he said i have dhaat syndrome sir i m so worried i visited cmc Vellore also at that time no infection found and i have daily clear penile discharge without any excitation or pain it's automatically discharge whole day since 8 month
1)I have urine leakage or dribble
2)I have urine inconcentency
3)I have urine frequency
4)I have low stream urine
5)I have clear urethral discharge daily 6-7 time or more discharge during excitation or when i eat nonveg or smoke or drink or during masturbation continuously till ejaculation or before or after ejaculation and then urethral pain and sometimes iching over shaft.
6)more urine in night but very small or bladder not empty properly
7)My semen also become very thin.
8)urien mein smell bhi aati thi pehle
9) or unusual pain inside urethra sometimes
10) sometimes burning sensation during urination if i drink less fluid during night. Then at morning first urine burning occur.
Sir plz hlep i m worried about this i have wasted many money but not clear the actual problem confused about uti or prostitis or std what i have sir plz help i need proper guidance ans treatment or help sir plz i cry daily due to this i feel abnormal in society all friends are normal but when i think i m abnormal or why this is only occuring with me.
Sir plz help plz?

  • 348 Days ago

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