My Mother is in a critical stage aged 77

Dear Doctor: My Mother is in a critical stage aged 77 years.First of all water fills in her lungs & all over her body.She is chronic debitic patient.She suffers breathlessness as her heart also not functions properly having acute LVF..She has been admiitted to Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute many times.Recent Discharge Diagnosis-CAD-S/P PTCA CCF EF-30% LBBB....Type 11DM Nephropathy CKD Hypothyroidism.Her nepro ref was taken in view of CKD,Medicine ref for DM were taken and she improved gradually.She is advised CRT.Course in the hospital was uneventful and discharged with somewhat stable condition.Pls advice us how to save her life.Is there any medicine in ayurveda so that water does not gets made in the body?

  • 406 Days ago

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