Now I am 31 years old Male patient. 4 ye

Dear Doctor: Now I am 31 years old Male patient. 4 years ago I have suffered from a high fever. Then I recover from the fever. After that, gradually some neurological problem starts. MRI report recognize the fever was present problems are 1. Lose of physical balance 2. Trembling and jerking off hands, legs and head 3. Shaking of head 4. Numbness of full body 5. Slow walking with small steps 6. Cramps and spasms of arms and legs 7. Eyes sight disorder 8. Difficulty in walk, write and can't hold glass of water 9. Twitching of the finger and toes 10. Weakness and stiffness of limbs 11. Lose of control of body movement 12. Vertigo, better closing eyes, with shaking in heads 13. Lose of sexual power 14. Can't walk without seeing the floor surface 15. Difficulty going up and down the stairs 16. Stutter of words/ speech disorder 17.My spine is always sober 18.Left side is much affected than Right side of the body. ..................................... 4 years ago ( before the fever) I was energetic young Man.. It's not a genetic disease.

Kindly suggest me?

  • 197 Days ago

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