Pranic Healing The Future is Here

India is increasingly witnessing the wonderful effects of alternate medicine. Few decades ago, the words Pranic Healing was limited to the discussion tables of the intellectual or the laboratories of curious Doctors. Recent years has witnessed the healing effects of this holistic system.

Pranic Healing employs carefully evolved techniques (mostly hand gestures and breathing techniques) to bring about changes to the energy body and thereby heal the visible physical body. Though this system of knowledge has its roots in the hoary Ayurveda and Yoga, the modern day form owes it resurgence to the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Through a series of lectures and workshops, a sincere practitioner can start healing simple cases like headache from day two of induction. There is also an entire skill level and path defined for the serious learner. In more advanced forms, the practitioner matures in skill and knowledge of the human physique and psyche and attempts to heal complicated cases like Diabetes, Cancer and Depression.

There are innumerable testimonials of healed patients floating around attesting the approach, methodology and rejuvenating effects of Pranic Healing. The system is vividly different in its approach from its Japanese counterpart - Reiki. Few important points to ponder before choosing to learn the system are,

  • Pranic Healing system is more readily accepted and in fact recommended by mainstream medicine considering the fact that its fundamentals and approach are scientific and open to verification
  • The whole system of knowledge dissemination is carefully monitored and accredited by Pranic Healing Foundations across the globe giving it acceptable societal credentials
  • Faithâ has little implication while learning and healing as the method is primarily process driven
  • No prior knowledge of medicine is required to join the increasing list of practitioners

To get started, register for the two day Basic Pranic Healing course at a centre near you. The course opens up to a world of information based on research and facts imported from medical systems around the world. 

Considering the simplicity of the techniques, accessibility of recognized tutors and absolute nil cost, this has tremendous potential for becoming the healing system of the future.