Benefits of Pranic Healing

Benefits of Pranic Healing

Have you ever wondered what Qi, Chi, Ruah mean? Have you heard people say your Chi is imbalanced and you need to rectify it to get better? What this really means is that the life energy that is coursing through all of you needs to be re-energized or recharged. Just like your mobile or other gadgets need to be charged to work efficiently, your body needs to re-energize to function efficiently and maintain your health.

Grandmaster Chao Kok Sui, a Chinese-Filipino mystical teacher, and Qi master, spent years studying various forms of energy healing like Yoga, Chi Kung, Jewish Kabbalah, and others to understand and create a simple, real and effective energy-based healing system that anyone could master -Pranic Healing.

What Is Pranic Healing?

This art of using "Prana or life energy" to become healthy and gain energy is known as Pranic Healing. It is a form of healing that is based on the use of Chi to intensify, control, and guide the life energy present within you and all around you to get the benefits of pranic healing. It is also known as magnetic healing, psychic healing, vitalism healing, therapeutic touch, faith healing, laying of the hand, and charismatic healing.

This ancient form of medicine is based on two fundamental laws i.e. the law of self-recovery and the law of prana (life energy). Most of us often forget our body is made up of energy that helps it function.

The Law of Self-Discovery is quite easy to comprehend. You know that your body is capable of healing itself at a specific rate. What this means is even if you don't apply or take medication for your cuts and wounds, the body will heal itself. Have you noticed that colds and coughs go away after a week or two, even if you haven't taken medication to cure them? This means the body and the energy within you work to cure the viral infection unless your body's ability to self-heal has become weak.

The Law of Life Energy, on the other hand, means the body must have life energy or Qi or Chi. You can accelerate the body's healing rate by increasing the flow of Chi on the whole body or the affected part/s

How Does It Work?

The body has a wonderful ability to heal itself. However, this ability can slow down or deteriorate as you grow older, yet it is a prevailing force that is always present. The absence of life energy means death. Just like there are different catalysts that either increase or decrease the rate of a chemical reaction, in Pranic healing, the body's Chi is the catalyst. It works to raise the rate of organic reactions that help the natural therapeutic procedure of the body.

Your body has an aura that is strongest between the key energy centers of the body. To augment the recovery rate of a person, life energy is applied to the affected part of your body or the main life centers. The flow of universal energy rouses life energy within you and helps to correct any disparities in the body. Once the disparities are corrected, the energy limits are removed, so that diseases are cured by pranic healing.

Pranic Healing benefits are not miracles, they are the effects of accelerated self-healing ability of the body, that very few of you notice.

A pranic healing practitioner will ask you to lie down in a specific position while he or she cleanses your body with a universal life force. Once done, you may be asked to lie down with your head facing the east.

Pranic healing offers both health benefits as well as other mental, psychological, and spiritual benefits. Here is a list of Pranic Healing Benefits for health

  • In most cases, diseases of the eye, kidney, liver, and heart can be relieved in a few healing sessions. This allows the body to repair the damage caused by the diseases in the body.
  • It helps to cure psychosomatic problems like nervousness, unhappiness, obsessive behavior, fears, suffering, and other issues.
  • It can help to treat illnesses like respiratory diseases, arthritis, eye problems, asthma, high blood pressure, a cyst in the ovaries, epilepsy, etc.
  • It helps to cure a cough and a cold instantly, while loose bowel movements can be healed in a couple of hours in many instances.
  • It helps to calm down muscle pain, headaches, stomach ache, gas issues, and toothache almost instantaneously in many cases.
  • In long-lasting health conditions, pranic healing is used to initiate the curative process.
  • It helps to lower body temperature if you are suffering from a high fever in a couple of hours and get rid of the fever in a day or two in many cases.
  • Pranic healing provides speedy recovery powers to your body.
  • It helps to avert the appearance of various diseases in the body.
  • Such healing helps to improve hunger.

Other Pranic Healing Benefits

  • Healing through life energy help to build a strong aura or energy field to protect your body.
  • It eliminates disharmony in married relationships.
  • It helps to keep the family healthy and preserve harmony, concord, and happiness.
  • It intensifies your intuition levels.
  • It improves social and helpful relations.
  • The increased flow of energy in the body helps clear and sharper thinking.
  • It helps you develop internal harmony, love, and empathy if you are a regular practitioner.
  • You tend to become more spiritual

Now that you understand that curing diseases by pranic healing is a viable option and most importantly it is restoring your body's capacity to repair and heal itself. Anyone can become a practitioner with a little bit of curiosity and an open mind.

This ancient healing process doesn't have any side effects. If you can understand how to channel the universal energy around you to energize your body's life energy, then you can not only stay healthy but also find the mental peace you have always wanted.