Sir, during my exams in may 2017 i had R

Dear Doctor: sir, during my exams in may 2017 i had REDUCED AND DISTURBED MY SLEEPING PATTERN for studies and had restored my normal sleep patterns after my exams are over . But i found that now i m suffering from sexomnia( i had developed symptoms of masturbating during sleep in which i m only half awaken and hence cant judge right or wrong despite knowing side effects of masturbation.)

ALSO during this period i had changed my eating habits so as to loose weight ( i.e eliminating fast food intake, reducing rice intake ,taking multi grain aata rotis instead of wheat atta rotis, reducing highly sweet items like sharbats sweets , avoiding fried n fatty foods, avoiding non veg).

i had been EXERCISING MODERAETLY for last 5 yrs WHICH I INCREASED in june 2107 and also included asan like sirshasana,surya namaskara in my exercises. Within after 13 days ( during these 3 days i had no problem of low bp) after increasing exercises i had symptoms of LOW BP , WEAKNESS,,TIREDNESS,POOR QUALITY SLEEP.

I had taken ayurvedic treatmens from my local ayurvedic physicians but these had releived the symptoms partially ONLY during the treatment and after treatment symptoms reoccur with full intensity.?

  • 270 Days ago

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