Sir/Madam, I was diagnosed with left var

Dear Doctor: Sir/Madam, I was diagnosed with left varicocele nd i underwent surgery in Sir Gangaram Hospital Delhi 2 years ago. Now the problem has become more worse. Before surgery i was having no pain , only bag of worms in my left scrotum but after surgery i feel regularly but not always a mild pain and discomfort on left side and in groin area. Added to it is pain in the cut scar of surgery which is elevated dark colour worm like scar. Even after 2 years the scar has not healed. If i run it start paining, if i lift some 5 , 10 kg it start paining, i cant go on trekking, i cant do gym because of this fear.The bag of worm still is there on back side of my left testicle as it is even after 2 years of surgery . My scrotum has become very loose and left testes hang very low. It pains more when i left my scrotum loose to hang. the only time my scrotum is tight is in the morning with no pain and i feel perfect . The pain discomfort is only on the left side, right side is perfectly okay. Please help me?

  • 462 Days ago

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