Can Stammering Be Treated With Homeopathy?

Stammering Treatment In Homeopathy

Speech is the most basic way in which we humans communicate and convey messages. Losing speech or having trouble while speaking can be quite disabling. Stammering is generally observed when the person is required to face anxious situations like giving a speech, whereas speaking casually or singing and reading may reduce the stammering temporarily. This article will give you an overview of stammering or stuttering along with some frequently used stammering treatments in homeopathy.

What Is Stammering?

Stammering or stuttering, as it is called in medical terms is a speech disorder that is characterized by the repetition of words, sounds, or syllables, prolongation of sounds, or interruption of speech called blocks.

A person or child who stammers is aware of what he/she wants to say but is unable to maintain the flow of speech. In an attempt to maintain this flow of speech, the person may exhibit certain physical traits such as rapid blinking of eyes, tremors of lips, or use of hands as gestures to explain what he/she desires to speak or convey. All these can be treated by using the stammering homeopathy treatment.

How Is Normal Speech Produced?

In a normal person, a fluent speech is produced through a series of well-coordinated muscular movements including;

  • Voice Production- Breathing phonation
  • Articulation- Coordinated movements of the throat, tongue, lips, and palate

These mechanisms are controlled and regulated by the brain in response to the sense of touch and hearing.

Problem Statement

Although stammering is a speech disorder, people who are affected by it are often mocked or made fun of, especially children. Stammering makes it relatively difficult for the person to communicate and build rapport with other people.

As a result, they are treated as an outcast in society. It creates a negative impact on their lives and affects interpersonal relationships with friends and peers.

Stammering also affects a person's quality of life, influences job opportunities along with a relatively high cost of treatment incurred for speech therapy, counseling, and suitable medications. But by using the stammering treatment in homeopathy you can reduce the effect. 

Who Is Affected?

Stammering or stuttering affects around 1% of the population worldwide annually. It is commonly seen among children between 2-6 years of age as and when they develop basic language skills. The incidence of stammering is more common among males is 2-3 times higher as compared to females. About 75% of children outgrow stammering, while nearly 25% of cases, may suffer from stuttering even during adulthood.

Types Of Stammering

1. Developmental Stammering

This type is seen among children while they are still developing their speech and language skills. This is the most common type of stammering. Some studies also suggest a genetic correlation with this type of stammering.

2. Neurogenic Stuttering

This type of stuttering occurs after an incidence of head trauma or injury, stroke, or some other type of brain injury. In this type of stammering, the brain has difficulty coordinating functions that enable fluent and clear speech.

Stammering Treatment In Homoeopathy

A lot of research is being conducted in an attempt to diagnose stammering at an early stage and provide effective stammering homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy has proved its mettle in a large number of chronic conditions without any side effects. It is the science of medicine that has plenty of supportive research studies proving that stammering treatment in homeopathy exists with effective and relatively long-lasting results.

The table below mentions a few commonly used stammering medicines in homeopathy along with content and indications for each medicine.

Sr.No.Homeopathic Medicine


(Throne apple)

This remedy is specifically indicated for complaints arising out of affections of nerves like twitching, stammering, and other disorders of muscular spasms.

The sight of water or looking at anything glittery brings on muscular spasms.

Constant chewing movements of the mouth with drooling of saliva.



(Potassium hydrate)

This remedy has a specific action on the muscular and nervous affections of the body.

Distortion of mouth and tongue when speaking. Stammering and indistinct speech from paralysis of the tongue


Cuprum Metallicum


This remedy is useful in spasmodic affections, cramps, and convulsions.

Stammering of speech and paralysis of the tongue. Constant protrusion and retraction of tongue, like a snake.



(St. Ignatius Bean)

This remedy is indicated for nervous and spasmodic affections arising from mental or emotional factors like grief and worry.

Constant secretion of mucous and accumulation of acrid saliva in the mouth. Voice weak and tremulous with a tendency to biting the cheek when chewing or speaking.



(Dry latex of poppy)

This homeopathic medicine for stammering is useful in persons who are sluggish and whose general nervous system lacks sensibility.

It is indicated for stammering originating from fear or fright. The patient has difficulty articulating speech and swallowing.



(Club moss)

Complaints of this remedy arise out of weakness of nervous functioning.

The patient is dull in nature with weak memory. Speaks and writes wrong words and syllables.




This is a specific homeopathic medicine for stammering children along with tingling and numbness.

The child is awkward, sensitive, and clumsy. Drops everything from hand.


Secale cor

(Spurred rye; Ergot)

This remedy is indicated for stiffness and swelling of the tip of the tongue with tingling. Frequent biting of the tongue.

Stammering with weak and indistinct speech as if the tongue was paralyzed.




This homeopathic medicine for stammering is indicated when the speech is difficult on account of a trembling tongue.

Rapid and stammering speech. The entire loss of speech.

The above-mentioned list of stammering medicine in homeopathy is just a glimpse of stammering homeopathy treatment and what the homeopathic system of medicine has to offer in such cases.

There are over hundreds of stammering medicine in homeopathy. These remedies can only be differentiated and prescribed based on symptom similarity by a qualified homeopathic practitioner; which means that no two cases of stammering can be exactly similar to each other as regards its onset, progress, and presenting signs and symptoms.

The remedy selected on homeopathic principles is prescribed in a suitable dose and repetition. Stammering treatment in homeopathy varies from patient to patient in terms of dosage depending upon the severity of illness and susceptibility of each individual patient.


Dr. Himanshi Purohit

Dr. Himanshi is a Homeopathic consultant currently working as a lecturer in Post-graduate faculty of Homeopathy, Parul University, Vadodara.