How To Reduce SGPT And SGOT Levels In Homeopathy?

how to reduce sgpt and sgot levels in homeopathy

There are a number of investigations which are to be done when the patient is advised to go with the blood test. When a patient comes with any of gastrointestinal disease and to confirm the diagnosis, doctors advised going with the liver function test. With this liver function test, one can easily know about the normal functioning of the liver. This test includes many biochemical makers but most of important is SGOT which is also called as AST and SGPT called as ALT. When coming up with the ranges, they may vary from laboratory to laboratory depending upon the method they have adopted and the handling of the sample also.

For some people with various diseases, the range can come within the normal limits but that doesn’t mean that the liver is healthy. There may be some pathology is being produced inside the liver. Same can be with a healthy person, the normal range can be varied besides the liver is healthy. A liver test can rarely specify you a diagnosis, rather it suggests you a group of diseases in which these biochemical’s can be increased and decreased. With the help of investigation and doctor’s knowledge can one diagnose the disease of the person.

Liver function is mostly altered when a person suffers from jaundice. With serum bilirubin level, the SGOT and SGPT levels in jaundice are also altered from the normal range but SGPT and serum bilirubin can be enough to know the liver damage and this SGPT levels can lower in one week with the dietary factors. As in the initial stages, the levels are increased slightly high which can come normally with the treatment and dietary factor but as the disease progresses there may present the danger level of SGOT and SGPT which will not only produce harmful effects on the liver but also on other organs also.

For the patient who wants to take medicines without any side-effects to the body, they mostly prefer to go with Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy has many medicines which can bring back these biochemical makers to their normal range.

What Are SGOT And SGPT?

These are the biochemical makers of the liver which helps to know the dysfunction and derangement going in the liver. SGOT and SGPT are the enzymes which reflect the damage to the cells of the liver (hepatocytes). These are the sensitive indicators which let us know the liver cell injury and are very helpful in knowing the acute hepatocellular diseases like jaundice, hepatitis.

SGOT (serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase) and SGPT (serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase) are not only found in liver but they are also present in cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles, kidneys, brain, pancreas, lungs, leukocytes and erythrocytes in an decreasing order of concentration. These enzymes are released in the blood when there is an increased amount of liver damage which causes the liver cell membrane to increase their permeability. Hence when the blood is taken for the test it shows the level.

Normal Range

SGOT - 8 to 45 units per litre of serum for both sexes

SGPT - 7 to 56 units per litre of serum for both sexes

If the range is slightly increased than medicine with proper diet management is enough for bringing back to normal. But if ignored then this can produce the danger level of SGOT and SGPT which will then require more attention as there can be very severe damage in the liver.

SGOT And SGPT Level in Jaundice

Jaundice can be easily diagnosed when the serum bilirubin level in the blood is more than 3mg/dl (50umol/L). Normal range may vary from 0.2 to 1.2mg/dl.

When a patient is having jaundice and is advised to go investigation that not only the serum bilirubin is increased, there is also change in the normal range of SGOT and SGPT levels in jaundice. It depends upon the type of jaundice which the patient is suffering.

Jaundice which is due to parenchymal liver disease there is increased in the range of both transaminases and there is also an increase in the level of other LFT’s. Acute jaundice in which the level of SGOT is more the 1000U/L is suggestive of highly infectious disease of liver like hepatitis.

How To Reduce SGOT And SGPT Levels in Homoeopathy?

When it comes on Homoeopathy to treat with the diseases, it comes on mind whether it can cure or not. For those people asking this question is yes. There are more than 500 medicines and many more are still under proving which helps the diseases to cure permanently if the selection of the medicine is strictly on the basis of the principles of Homoeopathy. There are plenty of Homoeopathic medicines are present which can reduce SGOT and SGPT without any side-effects. Some of which have specific actions only on the liver and helps in promoting the functions. So here are the Homoeopathic medicines:-

  • Chelidonium Majus

    For any of the liver complaints the first medicine which come in the mind is Chelidonium. It is a prominent liver remedy which covers many of the direct reflex symptoms of the diseased condition of the liver. The patient will have jaundiced skin and will always complain of constant pain under the inferior angle of right scapula. This is the main keynote symptoms of this medicine. Patient mostly prefers to have hot food and drinks. There will be nausea, vomiting which is better by taking very hot water. Eating relieves temporarily, especially when it is accompanied with hepatic symptoms.

  • Lycopodium

    It is best especially adapted to ailments which develop gradually and there is functional power weakens, failure of the digestive powers, all this is due to liver function is when seriously disturbed. The patient abdomen is very sensitive. There is a constant sense of fermentation in the abdomen like yeast in the upper left side. Patient has hepatitis in which there is an atrophic form of nutmeg liver. Patient is having ineffectual urging with stool hard, difficult, small and incomplete.

  • Phosphorus

    Phosphorus is given in a fatty degeneration of the liver. Patient feels a very weak empty, all gone sensation which is felt in the whole abdominal cavity. With this there is congestion of the liver is present. There is also acute hepatitis. Jaundice. Pancreatic disease. With this, there is a large, yellow spot on the abdomen. Patients get hungry soon after eating. There is vomiting in which water comes up as soon as it gets warm in the stomach. There is a pain in the stomach which is relieved by cold food, ices. There is also painless, copious diarrhoea in which there is excretion of green mucus with sago particles. There is a great weakness after stool.

  • Nux Vomica

    This medicine is best adapted for those people who have all the problems due to excess of alcohol intake and for those who have to an overdose of medicines. The patient due to this excess alcohol intake suffers from fatty degeneration of alcohol. Patient will complain of sour taste and nausea in the morning especially after eating. There is weight and pain in the stomach region which is worse after eating. There will be flatulence, sour bitter eructation. There is a desire for stimulants and patient love to eat fats and at the same time have an intolerance to the fat. Patient had constant desire to vomit but can’t. There is also bruised soreness of abdominal walls. Constipation with frequent ineffectual urging, and always have an incomplete and unsatisfactory feeling as if a part remained unexpelled and passes small quantity at each attempt with an absence of desire for defecation.

  • Berberis Vulgaris

    This medicine has a marked action on the liver as it helps in promoting the flow of bile. Patient has hepatic and rheumatic affections, with urinary, haemorrhoidal and menstrual complaints. Patient has stitching type of pain in the region of the gallbladder which is worse by pressure and this pain is extending to the stomach. Patient also has constipation with yellow complexion due to jaundice. With this patient also complains of stitching pains in front of kidneys which extend to the liver, spleen, stomach and groins region. There is a constant urging to the stool. Diarrhoea which is painless, clay coloured, burning and smarting in anus and perineum.

  • Calcarea Carb

    This medicine is indicated in mostly obese people who come which fatty liver and gallstone. Patient complains of heartburn and loud belching. There is craving of indigestible things like chalk, coal, pencils and also for eggs, salt and sweets. There is frequent sour eructations and sour belching with sour vomiting. Patient will complain of pain and swelling in the epigastria which is sensitive to touch. Patient will be thirsty and desire for cold drinks. Patient abdomen is very sensitive to touch with cutting pain in abdomen. Patient cannot bear tight clothes around the waist. Patient also has constipation in which there is large and hard stool.

  • Cinchona Officinalis

    This medicine is mostly indicated in the early stage of fatty liver where the patient comes with the complains of slow digestion and vomiting of undigested food. Patient has darting type of pain in the hypogastric region. Patients get hungry and have longing for food which lies undigested. There is flatulence with belching of bitter or regurgitation of food which gives no relief to the patient and it get worse after eating fruits. With this there is severe flatulent colic which is better by bending double. Liver and spleen area are swollen and enlarged. Patient also has jaundice.

There are even many more medicines which can be given in cases of high SGOT and SGPT levels in jaundice and other liver diseases also. With dietary management and Homoeopathic medicines one can easily get lower SGPT level in one week but care is taken more, if these SGOT and SGPT exceeds the danger levels than there can be severe pathology may be present inside the gastrointestinal tract which can even lead to final stage and death can occur. So it is advised to consult your doctor as soon as possible when you started feel any discomfort in your body otherwise one has to face the circumstances in the future.