Ayurvedic Diet According To Dosha

Ayurvedic diet according to dosha

Are you looking for the perfect diet for your body type? You should check out Ayurveda, which is an ancient medical system that originated in India. It’s a medical system that integrates the physical, emotional and psychological well-being. This holistic approach to health is a solution to all modern day problems as well.

Ayurvedic Diets as Per Your Body Type or Dosha

According to Ayurveda, there are three Body Types, known as Dosha. These three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three doshas have their own unique characteristics. You can find out what your body type is by going to an Ayurvedic physician. If you cannot go to an Ayurvedic physician, you can rely on the Internet- there are some quizzes that can help you find out what dosha you fall into.

1. Characteristics and Diet For Kapha Dosha Personality

Kapha Dosha includes people that have the largest body type. People who fall into this category have wide shoulders and hips and have really high stamina, too. Mentally, Kapha Dosha people are slow to learn, but they retain what they learn for a long time. They are highly reliable and loyal, too.

Kapha Dosha individuals have a higher chance of becoming obese. They can also suffer from poor circulation and sinus congestion. Kapha Dosha people should rely on herbal supplements to boost their metabolism and health.

The best diet for people in this category is something that is light, dry and warm. These people should avoid salty and sour foods as well. If you belong to this category, you should certainly reduce your daily dairy intake. Including honey in your daily meals would be a good idea, too. Light fruits are good, as are vegetables that are not too juicy. Pungent spices like mustard seed and ginger would also do your body a lot of good. A Kapha Dosha diet should not include any nuts and seeds and should include very little rice and wheat.

2.Characteristics and Diet For Pitta Dosha Personality

Pitta Dosha people are those of a medium build. They enjoy high energy levels, have a good muscle tone and have high body temperatures. They are extremely intelligent and ambitious, mentally. emotionally. They tend to be very enthusiastic and they expect perfection from everything, which leads to frequent irritation.

Pitta Dosha people have strong digestive systems, which means they can usually eat anything. But, since they are perfectionists and ambitious, they tend to overwork. This kind of stress can lead to a lot of digestive problems, as well. It’s suggested that Pitta Dosha people drink aloe vera and pomegranate juice every day, so they do not have to suffer from digestive issues.

Pitta Dosha people are incredibly fond of alcohol, spicy food, coffee, etc. But that is exactly the kind of food they should be avoiding. They should have more sweet foods, and cooling vegetables that have a lot of water content. Vegetables like kale, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, etc. would be perfect for their diet. A Pitta Dosha diet should include lots of vegetables, legumes, dairy products and all kinds of fruits. It should not include corn, tomato and tomato products, any kind of nut or spice. Pitta Dosha people should refrain from eating lots of egg, beef, pork, or lamb, too.

3.Characteristics and Diet For Vata Dosha Personality

The Vata Dosha is the smallest of the three body types. Physically, people who belong to this category are really thin and find it difficult to put on weight. They have very little muscle, too. Mentally, they are quick to learn and quick to forget. They are highly creative, enthusiastic and anxious.

Vata people tend to suffer from digestion related problems. They are also highly likely to develop insomnia or fatigue. Triphala is incredibly important to fight off these digestive problems. In order to soothe the brain and avoid insomnia, Vata people should have warm milk regularly as well.

Vata diet should not include any dry or crunchy food. They should avoid eating cold or raw vegetables too. The best Vata diet would include a lot of millets, cooked vegetables, cooked cereals, and dairy products. Soup and soupy dishes are incredibly good for this body type, too. Milk and clarified butter (ghee) is a must for all Vata individuals.

Since time prehistoric, man has depended on nature and its many bounties. Ayurveda is that science that preaches the use of herbs and other natural products that not only provide the body with the necessary nutrition but also improved general health and well being. Analyse and understand which body type you fall under and follow a diet best suited for your body!