Clear Liquid Diet Definition, Purpose, Examples

Clear Liquid Diet Definition, Purpose, Examples

What is Clear Liquid Diet?

It is basically made up of clear liquids hence the name. It includes the intake of liquids such as water, soup, and plain gelatin. These liquids are easily digested and they leave no undigested remains in the digestive system.

The diet is highly recommended by the doctors when doing some procedures such as surgeries on their patients or if the patients suffer from some digestion issues. The clear liquid diet does not contain enough calories and nutrients, thus the need to stop using it after a few days. While on this diet a person is not supposed to take any solid meals. The diet can be colored but there is a need to be able to see through for it to be classified as a liquid diet.

Clear Liquid Diet Purpose

The main purpose of a person being advised to use a clear liquid diet is mainly before a person goes for surgery, tests or any medical procedures. For example, the scan of the large intestine also known as colonoscopy, that does not need the availability of any food in the digestive system.

When a person has digestive complications for example nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea or after undergoing some kinds of operations, they are highly recommended to use the diet for a short period as they recuperate.

It has benefits such as

  • Helping the maintenance of appropriate body hydration
  • Providing some necessary electrolytes. For example, sodium and potassium while providing energy to the body system at the same time when a complete or full diet is not available for the body system’s use.

Clear Liquid Diet List

The following list of diets can be included in a clear liquid diet

  • Any type of water either plain water, carbonated one or even flavoured kinds.
  • Any types of made from fruits such as apple juice or grape juice.
  • Beverages or drinks which are flavoured for example lemonade.
  • Drinks that have carbon or are carbonated such as dark sodas. For example, Coca-Cola and root beer.
  • Gelatin
  • Tea or coffee that does not contain milk or cream.
  • Juice from squeezed tomatoes or made from vegetables.
  • Drinks used during sports.
  • The soup which doesn’t contain fat and is clear.
  • Sugar or honey.
  • Solid sweets. For example, lemon drops.
  • Tiny amounts of fruit, seeds or nuts.
  • Ice pops that do not contain any milk at all.

A clear diet liquid fully fulfils its function. It is made to keep a person’s stomach and intestines clear and to reduce the pressure on the digestive system while keeping the person’s body hydrated.